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How to Solve Moonstone Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy – ‘A Bird in the Hand’ Quest Guide

Hogwarts love their outdated Sundials and Puzzles don't they?
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Many Quests and general exploration in Hogwarts Legacy include players figuring out how to solve puzzles in order to obtain cosmetic items and complete Challenges. This is our guide on how to complete the ‘A Bird in the Hand’ Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Filled with Puzzles utilizing Cubes, Pressure Plates and finding the solution to solving the Scholar’s Moonstone Door Puzzle to gain access to the Ruins.

How to Solve the Moonstone Door Puzzle

Before the main part of the ‘A Bird in the Hand’ Quest begins, players must first solve the Moonstone Door Puzzle. There are two pillars, one on the inner ring and the second on the outer ring. You must place these onto the correct pressure plate to unlock the door. For the outer ring, use Accio and move the pillar counter-clockwise until it in sitting atop the plate between the two symbols: the first looks like a circle with a ‘t’ sticking out of the bottom and the second looks like an eye with a ‘v’ attached underneath.

Next, use Accio on the inner pillar to rotate counter-clockwise once again until you are between the symbols: backwards ‘c’ with line going through the top + backwards ‘c’ next to a ‘t’ or sword and crescent moon symbol. This will unlock the door for you to begin the real part of the ‘A Bird in the Hand’ Quest.

How to Complete ‘A Bird in the Hand’ Quest

Once you get inside, use Spells such as Confringo to destroy the vines so that you can move around the environment. Heading to the west side of the room, you will find the first Cube Puzzle. The Cube can be found on the shelves hidden on the far east side of the room. Remember to use Revelio to locate any hard-to-find objects. Use Accio to bring the Cube close to you, then Wingardium Leviosa so that you can easily move the Cube around. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the Chest next to the Plates and use it to get to the upper level (west of the room and opposite where the Chest originally sat). Once you place the Chest down, use Levioso so that you can jump up and climb to the upper level via the Chest.

The second Cube can be found up here. Take it using Accio and Wingardium Leviosa and place it on the Snowflake Plate. Place the first Cube on the Flame Plate. You then need to use Confringo on the Flame Plate and Glacius on the Snowflake Plate in order to initiate their unlocking capabilities. Three doors will appear behind the Plates where a Battle will ensue upon entering the next area. Upon beating the Poachers, you should see a cutscene in which you will break the charm to complete this Quest. If you do not see the cutscene, you are experiencing an in-game bug that will require a full Quest restart to fix.

How to Reset the Cube Puzzles

If you are having any trouble moving or completing the Cube Puzzle for ‘A Bird in the Hand’, you should backtrack by leaving the area and returning to reset the Puzzle. This will return the Cubes and Chests to their original place so that you can retry the Puzzle.

We hope this guide on how to complete the ‘A Bird in the Hand’ in Hogwarts Legacy was useful to aid you in your Quest completion. For more Hogwarts Legacy content and guides, feel free to browse all of our latest guides at Gamer Journalist, to fulfil all of your gaming needs.

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