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How to Sell Diamonds and How Social Credit and the Pawn Shop Works – Shadows of Doubt Guide

Thieving has never felt so good
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Shadows of Doubt is an incredibly unique game in which players can act as a Detective, solving unique cases that allow you to learn the ins-and-outs of the city you reside in. Pick your destination, get to know its residents and collect as much information you can on the citizens so that you can prevent any future crime from being committed. Most of the time however, it is you committing the crime to solve one. But who is there to stop you? No one. Looking to become the ultimate Detective and gain some cash to get out of that miserable apartment? Well build up that Social Credit, locate those Diamonds and solve some cases in Shadows of Doubt. This is Vincent’s guide on how this Detective Game works.

How Do Pawn Shops Work in Shadows of Doubt?

In Shadows of Doubt taking care of your inventory is incredibly important. The items you have with you can massively help you with the multiple cases you are running at once. But throughout the day you may find that through investigating cases, exploring the city or simply trying to gain some extra cash, important/valuable items are stumbled upon. When this happens, you need to allow at least 2 spaces in your inventory at once so that you can pick up anything important that you need. We highly recommend that players are utilizing slots for Handcuffs, Fingerprint Scanners, Splints (if you regularly get into fights) and a Camera. Whilst these vary in importance, the Fingerprint Scanner, Handcuffs and Camera are crucial items needed for the majority of cases in Shadows of Doubt.

However, in having space available at all times with a minimum of 2 slots being open throughout your playthrough, you will highly likely find items such as Upgrade Vials and Diamonds. Whilst the Upgrade Vials are helpful for upgrading specific abilities you can gain throughout exploration and case solving, you may want to sell these for extra 500 credit or store them inside your house for the time being. However, when Diamonds are found, there only real use is to sell them. Whilst their prices vary, you should take these to your Pawn Shop. To find your Pawn Shop use the Pause Menu and select the Location Tab on the top-left corner of the screen, being the second out of four icons on the bar. Here you will see the blueprint of your server. The Pawn Shop can be found at the heart of the city/town and not typically underground where other businesses may reside. E.g.,, Gun Dealers and Black Markets.

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The Pawn Shop, like any other store is open at specific times. You should refer to the front door as a sign of whether the shop is taking customers at the time. If it is locked and no lights are on, the Pawn Shop is closed. When open, head inside and go to the counter, you can purchase and sell goods here including your finders-keepers Diamonds to get extra cash.

Where to Find and Sell Diamonds

As mentioned above, Diamonds can be sold in Pawn Shops. This is the primary location where you can get extra money for Diamonds through selling over the counter at your local Pawn Shop. Diamonds are primarily found inside Safes, which can either be Business or House Safes. You should always check nearby bulletin boards and cabinets inside Businesses or in chest of drawers, on shelves and fridges in Houses for the Safe Code. The Safe Code is almost always found incredibly close to the Safe itself. Whilst you can use a Code Breaker on the Safe, you will have an easier time and free more inventory space simply by looking around the room the Safe is in.

Other places Diamonds can be found is inside chest of drawers in Businesses. These primarily include Office Desks where Diamonds can be found lying around inside drawers. Never pass up the time to look through everything if you are exploring a House or a Business as there is usual a Diamon lying around waiting to be snatched up.

What is Social Credit in Shadows of Doubt?

Social Credit really works as the levelling up system in Shadows of Doubt. You can refer to this as you main level in the game and can be seen whenever you solve a case, regardless of the case type and when you check your Inventory. As your social credit increases so too does your reputation as a Detective. This means that you will high increased chances of gaining information off strangers and get easier access into Houses with the Guest Pass. However, its primary use for the Social Credit is as a means of keeping track of your progress throughout the game and is used as a means to be aware of how well you are doing in Shadows of Doubt.

Upon reaching Level 10 which is the maximum in Shadows of Doubt as of its Early Access State in May, 2023, players can retire from Detective work, thus ending the game. With endless possibilities and randomized cases to solve, you can go back in for a second playthrough to gain Social Credit once more, all with the ultimate goal of early retirement.

That was our Shadows of Doubt guide, we really hope this was useful for your playthrough. If you are looking for more guides outside of this great Detective game, we have a lot more content readily available for you to peruse at your leisure. Thank you for reading this GJ guide.

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