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How to save Professor Hal in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

Saving Professor Hal is just as easy as saving Tammy, so there's no reason why you should not be intending to be the hero when you can be so well prepared for preventing further loss!
Professor Hal from I Was a Teenage Exocolonist
Image via Northway Games

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist will take multiple playthroughs to get the best run of your exocolonist lifetime down. This is because with every rerun your player character can remember and recall past tragedies to correct them, including the deaths of their family and other colony members. With Tammy being the first example, saving her is the most straightforward one to carry out since it was indicated by a new selection to be made which was explicitly going to her rescue.

However, it’s almost no different to saving Professor Hal, you just need to be slightly more prepared when carrying out the rescuing. We have gone more into depth in how to save Tammy specifically before, but as a brief sum-up about what you need to do exactly it is to just play the game once and continue on with your second lifetime as a subsequent playthrough.

This is the same case for saving Professor Hal – you cannot and will not be able to save him in your initial playthrough. He will perish during the second Glow attack but only in your first ever playthrough if you choose to save him each and every lifetime. Here’s how.

How to save Professor Hal

Quite simply create a new file by choosing to live your second life as an exocolonist and your player character retains the memories of their first lifetime, allowing the player to select the options to save him when his past death is about to happen. These choices that appear due to having past lived memories are indicated by the vortex (a purple swirl) icon next to the newly unlocked options, and in this case with Professor Hal, the selection that is new and that saves him is “Go to Engineering” when the attack happens.

Because the subsequent card battle is combat focused, meaning that it requires mostly red cards to successfully beat it, putting all of your energy and time into building up these stats specifically can be a viable option by taking up certain job roles. It is worth noting that I was able to successfully save Hal with balanced stats, so going to the Geoponics to shovel dirt or the Garrison playing sportsball as your only initial options to grow your character is not an absolute must. Just be prepared for this eventual encounter to successfully save Professor Hal and have one less loss that affects the state of your colony.

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