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How to Save Maurice in Killer Frequency

This would make a killer interview
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First day on the job as a Radio Host for a small town with a population of 1000. You learn about the history of Gallows Creek and its infamous serial killer, the Whistling Man. Whilst he may have died many years ago, his killing spree continues and with the sound of his ominous whistles in the air, you wonder if you might be next. With the Sheriff dead and no one left to turn to, it is up to Forrest Nash to save as many people as he can before the Whistling Man takes his next victim. As the calls continue to come in, from pranks to advertisements, you must remain composed during these crazy times and work out the best method forward on how to save those up against the Whistling Man, with no way out. This is Vincent’s guide on how to save Maurice in Killer Frequency.

Everyone in Killer Frequency can be saved, aside from the Sheriff who acts as the first victim needed to alert Gallows Creek that the Whistling Man has returned. You will speak to multiple characters, all with their quirky personalities, be it sometimes frustrating or annoying to listen to, you want to do your best to keep the folk of this small town alive. After all, there is not that many people out there to listen to your Radio Show if they keep getting killed off. But Maurice is a tough man to save. With his small map overview of his office building, this Journalist is putting his entire life in your hands for you to find the exit. The staircase is blocked by cabinets and with the whistles inching closer, the time is now to act.

How to Save Maurice – Where to Move him

It is hard to do but once you obtain the fax of the office layout given by Maurice, you need to scan and put yourself inside the building as if you were there. Keep track of Maurice and the Whistling Man’s whereabouts at all times. The first thing you hear is that the Whistling Man has moved from the staircase, searching all rooms until arriving at the Office Room directly outside of the Boardroom. The Boardroom is where Maurice resides. Although his location is not stated, by you receiving a fax from Maurice means that he is located in the Boardroom. This means that you need Peggy to dial the extension for a room that is not the Boardroom. Select ‘Editors Room (03)’ for Whistling Man to head to.

From here, get Maurice to head to the Kitchen. With the staircase blocked however, you need to come up with something to unblock the staircase so Maurice can escape. Select the option to ‘Lock him in a room’, this will prompt Maurice to think of the secret archives located in the Editor Office. To get the Whistling Man into the Secret Archives Room is tricky however. But you should select ‘Radio’, be sure to do some self-advertising by selecting ‘I hope he’s a Scream fan’ when Maurice mentions Hopkins radio as this will teach him the correct frequency he will need.

How to Lure The Whistling Man to Save Maurice

When Maurice calls you back be sure to react quick enough so that he turns the volume of the radio down so that he does not alert the Whistling Man to his whereabouts. When Maurice gets in the room it is imperative that you are quiet. Remember that the Radio Frequency Maurice needs is ‘189.16‘ in case you need to share this again. You must send the Whistling Man to the ‘Boardroom (04)‘ first however so that Maurice can get inside the Secret Archives.

To turn the volume down on the Radio Show, pull down on the first dial in front of you with the Sneaker icon underneath, do this when you are discussing where to hide Maurice. This will mean that the Show is on mute and will not alert the Whistling Man once he gets inside the Secret Archives. As Maurice needs somewhere to hide before the Radio is turned on full blast to lure the Whistling Man inside, select ‘Cabinet’, it is the only option nearby that can hide Maurice without exposing himself. Again, be sure that you have fully turned the volume down for the Radio Show and in this time, do not press any buttons that could result in loud audio. A prompt will come up as you hear some creaking, do not choose any of these prompts as it will kill Maurice.

You will get confirmation that the Whistling Man is inside the Secret Archives where Maurice will lock him up allowing him to escape through the staircase.

That was our guide on how to save Maurice in Killer Frequency. We hope this guide was helpful. For more Horror Game content and guides, be sure to see all of our GJ related here. Thank you for reading this guide!

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