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How to rune Veromos (The Dark Ifrit) in Summoners War

How to Rune to avoid Ruin
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Summoners War is a series of mobile games that offer a range of different battle mechanics. While they are all RPGs, they offer ways to fight such as the turn-based of Sky Arena or the auto-battle of Lost Centuria. No matter what you’re looking for in your mobile RPG, Summoners War likely offers it.

One of the key features is summoning; a way of pulling allies to join you in battle. While there are hundreds of potential friends to grab, it’s important to know what to do with the ones you get.

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How to Rune Dark Ifrit, Veromos in Summoners War

Veromos is one of the better monsters in early and mid-game of Summoners War. But, in order to bring out its full potential, you need to know the best way to rune it.

Early Game

While you may be tempted to make it as much of a wall as you can, it’s better to focus on accuracy to begin with. You want to get it to about 40-50 percent before moving on to the other stats. Once you have, you can start focusing on speed and HP/DEF. You want swift and energy to begin with. This will make Ifrit fast and able to take a beating.

Rune 1 and 2: Energy (+15 HP per set)

Rune 3-6: Swift (+25 attack speed)

Mid Game and Beyond

The build is mostly the same as early game but you’re using nemesis instead of swift. This will give you a boost of attack once you hit a threshold of health lost. You’ll have a speedy mini-tank that gets stronger the more HP it loses.

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