How to Reset Wordle Stats & Streak Progress
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How to Reset Wordle Stats & Streak Progress

Check out the best methods to reset your Wordle stats and streak progress!
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If there’s one game that is captivating the globe, it’s Wordle. The free browser word game quickly became one of the most popular mobile games available. 

However, if you’ve been playing Wordle for long enough, then you’ve probably caught on to how difficult it’s starting to get without ruining your streak. But can you have a fresh start if you mess up? It’s important to know how to potentially reset your stats and streak progress.

So, here is everything you need to know about how to reset Wordle stats and streak progress.  

How to Reset Wordle Stats & Streak Progress

Part of the reason why Wordle is so popular is that it carries a rather simple premise. Just input a five-letter word, follow the color-coded highlights accordingly, and continue on until you find the right word. Thus solving the puzzle. But it’s a lot harder than it thinks. Let’s take a look at how to wipe the slate clean on Wordle.  

Method #1 – Clear Browsing History

The best way to reset Wordle stats and streak progress is by just deleting your entire browsing history. This is probably the easiest way to reset your Wordle stats and streak because it’s a fairly simple process that takes little to no time at all. 

For iOS mobile devices:

  1. Open Settings and click Safari.
  2. Click Clear History and Website Data.
  3. Another tab will pop up asking “Clear History and Data.”
  4. Click confirm.

For Android mobile devices:

  1. Open up the Chrome or Firefox application.
  2. Hit settings (it’s the three dots).
  3. Click on History and navigate to the next page.
  4. Click Clear Browsing Data or Recent History
  5. Select Time Range and hit Clear Data.

Method #2 – Remove Wordle from Home Screen

Another way to reset Wordle stats and your streak progress from your mobile device is to delete the Wordle directly from your home screen. Both iPhones and Androids allow users to create shortcuts to websites and place on their home screen. If you did so, here’s how you can delete it. This can be done by simply pressing down on Wordle and hitting “Delete Bookmark” for iOS or “Remove” for Android. Oftentimes a full delete and reinstall is the best way to clear out any stored data and start from scratch. 

If all else fails, you can always run a factory reset on your mobile device. Although, this should be viewed as an absolute last resort since you will be removing all of your current settings and returning the device back to its original factory state. 

Even though some consider resetting your Wordle score to be cheating or unfair. If you ever want to test out a new strategy or try out some new beginning words, resetting your Wordle stats and streak progress can be immensely beneficial.

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