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How to Pre-Register for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

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COD Warzone Mobile Pre-Reg
Image via Activision/Infinity Ward

The explosive Call of Duty Next Showcase event may have ended, but it brought some real heat for Call of Duty players. From the in-depth looks at Multiplayer in the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 to Warzone 2.0, console and PC players really got a lot to be excited about.

But console and PC players weren’t the only ones to come out of that event smiling, as players were also shown a lot about what to expect in the upcoming Call of Duty Warzone Mobile which will be coming to iOS and Android devices soon and features a return to the fan-favorite map, Verdansk.

The hype was brought up even further when it was announced that players could begin pre-registering for Warzone Mobile immediately. So, we’ll talk about how you can pre-register for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile so that you can play it as soon as it becomes available as well as what goodies you’ll get for being an early adopter.

How to Pre-Register for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Pre-registering for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is an incredibly easy process, one that only takes a few moments to do. Unfortunately, players on Apple’s iOS can’t actively pre-register currently, though players on Android can, so this guide really only applies to them right now. Let’s explain how to do it!

  • To pre-register, simply head to the official Call of Duty Warzone Mobile page on the COD website.
  • Next, you can scan the QR Code at the top of the page to be redirected to the Google Play Store.
  • Once there, hit Pre-Register to get signed up and receive notifications when the game becomes available to download.
  • Alternatively, you could head directly to the Google Play Store and navigate to the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile app page yourself through your smart device, and follow the same steps to pre-register.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Pre-Register Rewards

There is a multitude of rewards to unlock through milestones that every player who signs up will earn as more players pre-register for the game ahead of its initial release. Here’s everything that you could receive and each milestone needed to unlock them.

  • Dark Familiar Emblem – 5m Pre-registrations
  • Foe’s Flame Emblem – 5m Pre-registrations
  • Prince of Hell Blueprint – 10m Pre-registrations
  • Archfiend Blueprint – 15m Pre-registrations
  • To Be Revealed (mystery item) – 25m Pre-registrations

That’s everything you’ll need to know about how to pre-register for the highly-anticipated Call of Duty Warzone Mobile! Stay Frosty!

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