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How to pose nude for a magazine in BitLife

Only if you're famous.
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You can do some crazy and questionable things with your character in BitLife. When you become famous enough, sometimes you may have a magazine offer to have you pose nude for them. While it may seem like a bad idea at the time, the money for it is pretty decent, and some people who want to make it happen don’t see it too often. Unfortunately, to make the request, it’s a little bit based on luck, so you need to be reasonably patient.

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You can receive the offer when you achieve becoming famous in BitLife. It takes quite a bit to become famous, generally through social media. There are five different platforms you can join, and you sign up for them as when your character becomes 14 years old when they enter high school. 

After that, your primary focus should be to accept offers to do commercials and product promotions for larger companies. It’s a little boring and repetitive, but the more you agree to do, the more others know how willing you are to back those types of avenues. Eventually, you’ll receive a notification about a magazine asking if you’d like to pose nude for their magazine. While it is random, accepting more product promotions and commercials does help your overall chances of your character seeing the offer.