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How to Play Tiny Thor – Tips and Tricks

Everything you need to know before you start playing Tiny Thor.
Tiny Thor Tips and Tricks
Image by Asylum Square

Who said that 2D games are outdated and boring? Tiny Thor is a game that was created to bust that myth and to show even the younger generation of players who have grown up on games with fairly decent graphics that these old-timers still have a kick in them.

On first look, Tiny Thor reminds us of the classic Super Mario experience that we played on Nintendo and SEGA Genesis, but don’t be fooled. It’s a far more complex game that will make you sweat if you want to beat it. Read on if you want to find out what Tiny Thor is about and the best starting tips and tricks that can help you to ease into this nostalgic gaming experience.

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What is Tiny Thor?

Before we dive into some specific advice about the Tiny Thor we should give you a quick look at what kind of a game Tiny Thor is so you don’t end up being as surprised as we were.

Tiny Thor is a game that will take you through 3 different environments that have 30 levels in total. You play as a kid Thor whose only moves at the start of the game are running and jumping. While you progress onward, you will unlock Thor’s mighty hammer which has numerous abilities you can exploit like dashing forward with it or throwing it in whichever direction you’d like. Utilizing Thor’s hammer skills will be crucial for completing the game.

In the end, the game is a 2D experience so it will revolve around jumping over obstacles and skipping platforms. What is extra is that you’ll often be encountering puzzle situations where your brains are worth more than your jumping skills. This gives the game an extra point in my book.

Tips For Playing Tiny Thor

Tiny Thor is that piece of nostalgic experience that might charm you and take you back down memory lane with its looks but you shouldn’t overlook that it is a full modern skill-based game. Obstacle evading and enemy killing that you can see in online gameplay trailers may look simple to pull off, but it’s not.

One of the key skill sets you’ll need to acquire quickly is Thor’s hammer throw. The hammer throw will be a must-have for killing enemies and solving puzzles that will allow you to progress through the game. Don’t get us wrong, the mechanism itself for throwing the hammer isn’t that hard to learn but it is quite difficult to fully grasp. For example, at times you’ll need to quickly ricochet off of walls to activate a lever or kill an enemy that won’t let you pass, and failing to do it will result in Thor’s death.

Another key tip is to look out for gems. Blue gems will give you the opportunity to upgrade your hammer skills (like increasing range) while the rarer ones, red gems, will allow you to unlock secret challenge levels. These gems won’t always be on display however, and if you want to find them you need to carefully inspect every part of the level you’re in. I’ve seen people find gem stashes behind what appeared to be a solid rock obstacle. So, keep your eyes open!

Tricky Bosses

As the game is challenging so are its bosses. Most of them will offer a unique combat experience and will have a weak point that you need to discover and exploit. Still, this is easier said than done so don’t be frustrated if you need to fight the same boss numerous times before you finally end up beating him.

Tiny Thor also features a lot of checkpoints that allow you to reset from a certain point in a level and not have to play the whole thing all over again when you happen to die.

We hope you enjoyed our article. For more exciting coverage of games that let the nostalgia kick in see our list of 10 Best Games like Chained Echoes and the guide about How to Play All the Main Sonic Games in Order. You can follow us on Facebook and join the conversation about the latest trending games.

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