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How to Play Sinking Iron – All Platforms

Curiosity kills
Image via Lixian Games

Sometimes it is best to leave things to officials. I know, I know, that is the boring way to live and sometimes we do indeed let life pass us by but why let curiosity fuel your drive? You may find that why lurks below is not worth uncovering. Sometimes, it is best to just ignore it, no matter how much it claws at you. But Sinking Iron asks players to dive straight in, completely ignorant of what could release from the core of an earthquake.

What may have woken up from the depths of hell? A giant hunk of iron cannot do much to protect you, with the pressures of the everchanging water and the literal fear of the unknown, a few simple tools will only do so much to preserve your life inside that iron lung. But when that giant eye looks back at you, in that microscopic body you have compared to the rest of the world, when you acknowledge that there is something far bigger than humanity could ever become, what happens to your curiosity then? Was the risk truly worth it?

What is Sinking Iron?

Sinking Iron is a Lixian Horror Game heavily inspired by Iron Lung. Being developed by Lixian who is the YouTuber Markiplier’s Editor, Sinking Iron takes on a mix of what makes Markiplier so popular still in the community – Iron Lung and Five Nights at Freddy’s. With Markiplier having announced that an Iron Lung film is set to release sometime in 2023, with Mark himself starring in the film and having grown in popularity since 2014 with the first Five Nights being released, Sinking Iron is a great mix of the two styles of game. Being set inside a Submarine’s iron lung and descending down into the deep unknown of the open waters, your job is to fend off any underwater threats whilst fixing the iron lung from flooding and leading to your ultimate demise.

With attacks coming in from all angles, can you survive the descent without going mad? Sinking Iron requires you to use your only means of protection and safety, the trusty tools you wield. Whilst seeing the underwater creatures is not truly possible, what with its gigantic eye peering at you, there are more questions than answers inside that Submarine. Exactly what is out there looking back at you? What can use an eye so big? You need to react to specific audio cues as they all mean different things that need your attention so that you are not lost out there.

How to Play this Iron Lung-Inspired Horror Game

Sinking Iron can be found only on Windows. This game is available over at It is free to play on its Game Page. Whilst Iron Lung provides more dread, fear, and an atmosphere that can raise the hairs at the back of your neck, Sinking Iron mixes in the Five Nights style gameplay in which you will need to appropriately react to the different attacks that the Submarine will endure. Sinking Iron provides more of a challenge for a Horror Game than being overtly scary. For those who enjoy Five Nights challenging, fast-paced gameplay over a tense atmosphere in which you must make the decision to keep going forward to progress, then Sinking Iron is the one for you. Being free to play, why not try this game out for yourself?

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