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How to Play Racer Chaser in Arcade Paradise

Playing one of Arcade Paradise's best games is a piece of cake.
Arcade Paradise Racer Chaser 2
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Arcade Paradise has a great many different kinds of games to play in its vast library of over 35 titles. Quite possibly one of the best, however, is the Pac-Man and Grand Theft Auto blended title, Racer Chaser. With the perfect balance of Pac-Man’s gameplay in combination with the original Grand Theft Autos’ aesthetics, Racer Chaser is most definitely one of the most intriguing games on the menu. Though you may think it to be just another Pac-Man rip-off, it has way more to offer than meets the eye. Today, we’ll explain how to play Racer Chaser in Arcade Paradise.

How to Play Racer Chaser in Arcade Paradise

Though the bulk of Racer Chaser can be boiled down to being a Pac-Man clone, there are a bit of additional gameplay mechanics here that makes it different. In fact, this may be better than Pac-Man overall. Similar to the original 80s arcade title, Racer Chaser follows Pac-Man’s lead by putting players into levels that are limited in movement. Players will drive around in a yellow car and are limited to driving the positions of the streets.

Though this sounds simple enough, players will have to collect cash whilst avoiding troublesome cops who are out to “Bust” them. These act just the same as ghosts do in Pac-Man, though there’s a gameplay twist. While ghosts may be an instant kill in Pac-Man, cops in Racer Chaser have a bit more work to do in order to kill a player’s dreams.

Once hit by cops, players will then have to engage in an on-foot escape from cops. Being busted will make you start over, but if you’re able to avoid cops and follow the yellow navigation arrow back to your car, you’re home free from your location to continue. You’re also able to stun cops while on foot by shooting music notes from your boombox at them as you flee.

While collecting cash will progress you to the next level, power-ups will really come in handy to make that dream a reality. You can pick up lightning bolts to give you a speed boost via nitrous as well as a white power-up that turns your car into a tank. While as a tank, you can hit cop cars and send them back to their starting police station positions. Cops will try to evade you but are powerless against your tank. This is the exact same mechanic as the fruit power-ups from Pac-Man.

It’s great that while Racer Chaser unabashedly takes inspiration from Pac-man, Arcade Paradise manages to do something extremely unique in order to revitalize the formula and makes it its own. This is arguably the best retro version of Pac-Man, offering slightly deeper gameplay with a really cool aesthetic design to boot.

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