How to Play Greyhill Incident – How Long to Beat, All Platforms, Crossplay, and More

The government is always lying
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The utter terror of an alien invasion is hardly captured in art forms. Whilst NOPE (2022) did an excellent job in portraying the deathly fear of the unknown whilst also acknowledging our ability to gawk at something or use and abuse to gain a profit, we do not have many interpretations of the UFO and those green little aliens from the POV of a Video Game.

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But Greyhill Incident attempts this by going all into the Signs (2002) aesthetic of country folk being invaded. For some strange reason, aliens just seem to love those cornfields. Whilst we have Ridley Scott Alien games or full-out action aliens with Dead Space, something more atmospheric and pumped with realism for you can imagine being out at night and seeing that UFO overhead is something we rarely see in gaming. This is Vincent’s guide on everything you need to know about the Greyhill Incident.

What is the Greyhill Incident?

Greyhill Incident is the latest Indie Horror Game with a new antagonist and threat to watch out for – aliens. Alien invasion is something we do not see too often with horror and it is one that feels highly relevant to 2023 events. Following a similar formula to other Indie Horror which asks that you complete quests set by talking to characters whilst also exploring the map by traveling to different destinations. Set in the Greyhill neighborhood, the residents come under attack by life outside the world as we know it. With technology far more advanced than ours, we can only rely on the likes of tinfoil hats to spare our minds from their telepathic powers and baseball bats to hit home runs off their foreheads. With blatant references to Signs (2002), Greyhill Incident places you in the heart of an invasion.

Play as Ryan Baker, doing his absolute best to protect his family whilst uncovering the ultimate conspiracy – is there truly life outside of Earth?

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Where to Play Greyhill Incident?

For an Indie Horror Game and debut from the Developer, Refugium Games, the Greyhill Incident is surprisingly coming out on a lot of Platforms. For those interested, you can currently buy this alien invasion game for $24.99 on Steam. From June 13th, 2023, those on PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox Series X/S will be able to purchase. With two versions of the game, Standard and Abduction Edition; offering extra content and a Found Footage Body-Cam Mode, Greyhill Incident appears to be a new Horror Game that has thought everything out. The question is however, does it bring anything new to the Indie world with a asking price of $24.99?

How Long to Beat

Greyhill Incident is approximately 2 hours long in its duration. You may find that completing the game could take longer due to the limitations in guidance and quest tracking. But for more, Greyhill Incident has been completed in 1.5- 2 hours.

Is Greyhill Incident Multiplayer?

For those looking for a new Multiplay Horror Game, perhaps with Crossplaying capabilities, the Greyhill Incident is not the game for you. Instead, this is for those die-hard Single-Player Horror fanatics. If you are looking for a new Multiplayer Horror Game to play, we recommend The Outlast Trials, Demonologist or a classic with SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer. As Greyhill Incident is not a Multiplayer Game, you will only be able to play this on your own, preferably in a dark room with a tinfoil hat prepared.

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