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How to obtain all 29 Endings in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

Need a helping hand on how to traverse the gorgeously treacherous alien world in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist? We've got your back!
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I Was a Teenage Exocolonist will take multiple playthroughs to see it fully completed, but how exactly do you do that for every lifetime? Here’s a breakdown of what objectives you have to hit to reach each of its 29 endings that will add new illustrations to the gallery and different outcomes to its narrative in its epilogue.

Feel free to go for different skill levels across the board but prioritize the specific one(s) that are mentioned for each ending as the one that comes out on top in the end of your life run since they are required to unlock it.

All 29 endings and how to obtain them

Normal endings (standard endings with illustration unlocks to represent the job fields):

  • Governor – Run for and become Governor (requires extremely high Persuasion skill).
  • Xeno Hunter – Have high Combat skill.
  • Sportsball Hero – Max out the Sportsball activity.
  • Military Hero – Spend your time mostly in the Garrison.
  • Astronaut – Maximize friendship with Vace and trigger and accept a certain proposition with him.
  • Explorer – Spend your time mostly in Expeditions.
  • Collector – Spend your time mostly in Engineering (max out organising skill specifically).
  • Prolific Parent – Indicate your interest in having children whenever it is mentioned, frequently babysit and have high empathy.
  • Pulp Novelist – Have high creativity and spend your time in Engineering activities for the most part.
  • Entertainer – Require the Photophonor and utilise it for the most part during a playthrough – this unlocks when obtaining the Barista position through Rex’s bar opening.
  • Botanist – Spend the majority of your time in Geoponics with high Biology skill level.
  • Xeno Whisperer – Spend the majority of your time in Geoponics with high Animal skill level.
  • Farmer – Spend the majority of your time in Geoponics tending to the farm.
  • Architect – Spend the majority of your time in Command doing construction work.
  • Lawyer – Spend the majority of your time in Command with high Persuasion.
  • Merchant – Spend the majority of your time in Command doing depot work and select the capitalism remark when talking with Marz.
  • Doctor – Spend the majority of your time in Engineering being a nurse assistant with high empathy.
  • Roboticist – Spend the majority of your time in Engineering, specifically repairing robots.
  • Professor – Spend the majority of your time in Engineering, specifically tutoring.
  • Rebel – Max out the Rebellion meter.
  • Hobbyist – Partake in only relaxation activities where your stress level decreases for your entire life.

Special endings (comes with achievements/trophy unlocks and other illustrations in the gallery):

  • All For Naught – Keep the colony defences to an absolute lowest minimum and fail the final battle card section with the endgame boss. Alternatively, fight the boss in the Swamp (located in Expeditions) and exit back to the colony without further exploring the area.
  • Green Vertumna Forever – Have high relationship points with Tangent with high mental skill levels which will trigger an event concerning the troubling topic of a plague. Do not discuss the topic with Lum and instead support Tangent all the way to the epilogue.
  • Ran Away – Have high relationship points with Dys (preferably even dating him) and choose to side with him and eventually agree to run away together when a certain character exclusive event of his occurs during age 18.
  • Blow It Up – Continuously go after the boss located in the Swamps until you gain access to an underground facility with the intention of shutting it down through numerous card battles or skill checks.
  • Transformation – Join the Gardeners via building up a strong relationship with both Sym and Dys. Ensure to support the latter through his character exclusive events and show interest in joining the Gardeners to secure this ending.
  • The Paradox – Choose to embrace Infinity during a special event when sneaking out during Glow later in your lifetime.
  • Stratos Destroyed – Choose to turn off shields during shield calibration.
  • Life on Earth – Select a new game after achieving the “Stratos Destroyed” ending.

The special endings require a few more additional steps in knowing just how to get to them unlike the straightforward career prologues that make up the majority of the endings. This is the basis for all these endings to achieve them so for now, that is all you need to know on how to discover them. A few more key narrative discoveries can and will remain hidden within its other trophies and achievements which are also worth exploring.

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