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How to Make Money in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

If you want to make some money, also known as Zeni, in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, we got some tips that will help you out. Zeni allows you to purchase any items you want and you can never have too much of it.

How to Make Money in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

One of the fastest ways to farm Zeni is by farming Dinosaurs. These show up on your map as yellow dinosaur head icons and are easy to kill. They drop Dino Horns and Fangs that can be sold for 1800 Zeni each. Red flying dinosaurs can also be killed easily and they drop Pterosaur Horns and Fans that sell for 600 each.

Another great way to earn some extra cash if by fishing. To increase your chances of finding good fish, you will want to use some Holy Crab M or Z bait. You can find this bait around the fishing locations, so it’s a good idea to farm a bunch before you go out fishing. Try and catch the gold fish which can get you a small or large Gold Giant Fish Gemstone. They sell for 1000 Zeni and 3000 Zeni respectively.

If you’re on a quest for riches, you want to find some Dragon Balls. When you wish to be rich you’ll get 30,000 Zeni early on, and 50,000 Zeni after the third saga. Dragon Balls look like they have about a 20 minute respawn, so you can go out every so often and collect them. You’ll need to progress into the story a bit before you can gather these. Apparently they only spawn after defeating Frieza.

Dragon Balls show up on the map with an icon, so look out for them and travel to the location. They are hard to miss due to their bright orange glow. After finding seven Dragon Balls you can open up your menu and choose to be rich.

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