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How to make money fast in New World

How to make money fast in New World
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Money, money, money, it makes the world go ‘round, especially in a game made by Amazon. If anyone was ever going to make a game where the money flows like water from a broken faucet, it’d be one of the wealthiest businesses in the entire world. Of course, a leaky faucet ain’t worth much if you ain’t got a bucket for that water, and money is worthless if you don’t know how to make it in a hurry. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best methods to make money fast in New World.

How to Make Money Fast in New World

To make money fast in New World:

  1. Complete quests, especially main quests
  2. Check the Trading Posts and sell high-value raw materials 
  3. Craft bags and sell them to players looking for them

Completing quests

Your first and foremost source of income will be quests. Like in any MMO, you’ll earn the bulk of your gold from completing quests, and especially the main quests. The main story quests feature the biggest gold payouts, so it’d behoove you to get those done sooner rather than later. Once the quest well dries up, though, you’re gonna need to start playing the market. The crafter’s market, to be precise.

Selling materials at the Trading Post

By completing quests, killing monsters, and using your gathering skills, you’ll accrue a healthy supply of Raw Materials. These materials aren’t just for crafting stuff; they’re also a viable source of income. Every town has its own Trading Post where you can buy and sell Raw Materials or any non-player bound item for that matter. Some good raw materials to focus on include early-game and mid-game metals like Iron, Silver, Gold, and Starmetal.

These prices fluctuate between towns and times of day, so with a little legwork, you can buy materials low in one town and sell them high in another. You can see what materials cost what and at which town by checking the Settlements menu at any trading post. Different territories have different level requirements and resources available, which means some items may be more in demand than others in some regions of Aeternum.

It also helps to do a little bit of crafting of your own. Find out which items you run out of when trying to level up trade skills like Armoring, Engineering, Weaponsmithing, and the others. You may find you’ll need a hefty supply of leather, fibers, and metal ore. Get to harvesting, and sell your excess materials on the open market for pure profit.

How to make money fast in New World - Trading Post

Crafting bags

While the game is still in its early days, you should also craft a stack of bags. Bags are a player’s only means of expanding inventory space, which means everyone wants them. If you’ve got bags or the materials to make them, you’ve got a veritable gold mine in your pockets, at least until the market reaches oversaturation and everyone has a bag.

How to make money fast in New World - Crafting Bags

There are many tiers of bags, as well, with each subsequent level requiring harder-to-obtain materials. Head on over to the Outfitting Station in any major settlement, and search for bags. Look up the materials you’ll need to make them, and you can expect there to be some demand for those particular items on the market. You can also check our guide on the Rune of Holding to learn how that item works.

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