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How to Make Glass in Minecraft

You Know What They Say About Glass Houses ... BUILD THEM!
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It can be helpful to learn how to make a variety of different materials in Minecraft. Not only does it open up the list of what kinds of structures you can make, but knowing how to make certain materials, such as glass, can help you survive. In many cases, the various mobs you’ll encounter — including Endermen — will be unable to see you through glass. I know what they say about glass houses, but

Aside from being helpful for protection, there are many other uses for glass in Minecraft. Among these uses is the creation of stained glass panes or potion bottles that can hold a number of varying liquids. Here’s how to make glass in Minecraft.

How to Make Glass in Minecraft

In order to create glass, you will first need to acquire sand. It doesn’t particularly matter what kind of sand, it can be normal sand or red sand, either will work for our purposes. You will then need to craft a furnace, which can be created from eight cobblestone. If you right-click on the furnace after it’s placed on the ground, the smelting window will open. Next, you’ll want to move your sand of choice into the top square.

Now, we’re cooking with gasor coal. You’ll then need to move some kind of fuel to the bottom of the furnace. If you have fuel in your furnace, you’ll get glass for each sand that you possess. Once it’s finished, retrieve the glass from the results square in the furnace and place it in your inventory. It’s then that you can place it wherever you’d like. Just keep in mind, however, that you cannot recover it by breaking it — that is, unless you have a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment.

How to Make Items with Glass in Minecraft

If you have six glass blocks, you can create 16 glass panes. In the PC version of Minecraft, create a rectangle in the crafting area that is three squares wide and two squares high. It’s possible that you may not be able to see the panes until the sides are connected to something, such as a building. If you desire to create a glass floor, don’t bother making panes and instead, opt to use glass blocks.

Let’s say you’d like to make stained glass. To do this, you’ll want to take eight glass blocks and use them to surround the crafting area, leaving one space in the middle, which you’ll fill with a dye. This will net you eight stained glass blocks. You can also create glass bottles by taking three glass blocks and placing them in a “V” shape in the crafting area, which will net you three glass bottles that you can use to hold potions or water!

You can also use glass to craft other items, such as Beacons, Daylight Detectors, End Crystals, Hardened Glass, Hardened Stained Glass, and Tinted Glass. The Hardened Glass and Hardened Stained Glass items are only available in the Bedrock and Education editions of Minecraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sand Turn Into Glass in Minecraft?

Yes. In fact, that is the only material that will allow you to craft glass blocks.

Is There a Faster Way to Make Glass in Minecraft?

No. It will take some time to make each glass block, so be patient when crafting glass. You know what they say — anything worth having will take some time, and I don’t know about you, but a glass house is definitely worth having.

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