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How to Make Different Sized Clothing in Dwarf Fortress

Need a tailor - stat!
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Dwarf Fortress is full of surprises. No matter if you’re a veteran or just starting out, there will always be something that catches you off-guard or takes you for a ride. One such surprise for some players is having to make differently-sized clothes for citizens that happen to be half-mantis, or another creature entirely. Here is how to change the size of your clothes in Dwarf Fortress.

How to change the size of clothes in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress doesn’t typically allow you to control the nitty-gritty of most systems. But just as you can control the material of buildings, you can control the size of clothes – not that it’s exactly obvious. To make clothes in the first place, you’ll need a Clothes Workshop.

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In the Clothes Workshop, initiate the order as usual, by ordering the creation of the desired clothing item. When the order for clothes is established, the default size that will be selected will be dwarves. You can change this, however. When the order appears on the Clothes Workshop’s menu, click on the magnifying glass.

Typically, that button would allow you to specify the material, but you are now given the choice to specify the species of sentient creature you wish it to fit. I’ll make the assumption that you will be as shocked as I was to notice that there were such things as ‘two-humped camel men’ and ‘worm men’. At least you’ll be able to tailor anyone from any walk of life.

Click the size you want and a dwarf will get right to create it.

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