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How to Link Pokemon Go to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Got to Link'em All!
Pokemon scarlet and violet cross over promotional
Image Via The Pokemon Company

After the phenomenal success of Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Company has expanded from its normal 2 game releases every few years to an expanded system dedicated to sharing and retaining as many of your favorite Pokemon as possible. With Scarlet and Violet just around the corner, the addition only grows. Many people are going to want to keep their newly discovered Pokemon linked up with all their work from GO. This has been something The Pokemon Company has promoted for a while now too. It looks like early 2023 we will finally get it. Here’s what you need to know on how to link Pokemon GO with Scarlet and Violet.

Once Scarlet and Violet are release, you can connect your Switch and GO together. That is, if you haven’t already from other Pokemon games you may own.

On your Switch, you will go to Options in either Scarlet or Violet once you’ve fully loaded the new game. Press “Open Pokémon GO Settings.” Finally, you’ll hit the “Yes” button. The game will search for your Pokemon GO account.

As you do this, you’ll need to open Pokemon GO. Click on the Poke Ball on screen to take you to the Settings menu. Scroll to the “Nintendo Switch” label and click it. Hit “Yes” and allow the console and phone to pair up. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for both devices.

There you have it! Now your Switch and Pokemon GO are linked and you should be able to use any Pokemon game linked to GO if you haven’t already. If you have Pokemon Home, be sure to link that as well as it is still the only way to save and retain Pokemon from any other game you play.

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