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How to Level Up the Lab in Lost Ark

The Lab is what allows you to build bigger and better ships and new crafting recipes.
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Out of the various facilities housed in your personal Stronghold in Lost Ark, the Lab is undoubtedly one of the most important. The research conducted in the Lab is what allows you to build bigger and better ships and new crafting recipes, so it wouldn’t hurt to build it up as much as possible. Here’s how to level up the Lab in Lost Ark.

How to Level Up the Lab in Lost Ark

All of the facilities in your Stronghold are tied together by an overall Stronghold Level. This means that while each facility has its own level, Lab included, the Stronghold Level is the only one that actually matters. As your Stronghold Level increases, the levels of your other facilities will automatically raise on their own. For the Lab, raising your Stronghold Level will add new Research topics for developing ships, creating items, and even boosting the Lab’s efficiency. You can even use Research to unlock additional slots for Research, however that works.

Leveling Up the Stronghold

So how do you actually level up the Stronghold? Basically, just do stuff with it. Doing anything in your Stronghold and on the surrounding property will contribute to your Stronghold Experience, gradually raising your Stronghold level. Activities that reward Stronghold Experience include:

  • Completing the Stronghold tutorials
  • Crafting items
  • Performing Research
  • Sending ships out on expeditions
  • Completing Station Quests
  • Completing weekly Stronghold Quests

If you’re not sure what level your Stronghold needs to be to upgrade your facilities, go to the Lab and click on the drop-down near the top of the screen marked “Available Research.” Switch it to “All Research,” and you’ll see all potential Research projects, even ones you can’t access yet, as well as their individual requirements.

Remember, doing stuff in your Stronghold consumes Action Energy. At default, you get 100 points every 10 minutes, though this will increase as your Stronghold Level raises. Try to get an early start on Stronghold leveling if you can, just so you’re not waiting around and staring at it with nothing else to do.

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