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How to increase housing Civilization 6

How to increase housing Civilization 6

In Civilization 6, housing is one of the main factors you need to consider for growth. There are many different ways to increase housing in each of your cities, ranging from buildings, districts, governments, and more. In this guide, we’ll show you all of the different ways for how to increase housing in Civilization 6.

How to increase housing Civilization 6

There are a few main ways to increase your housing in Civilization 6:

  • Buildings
  • Governments and Policies
  • Districts
  • Improvements
  • Settling Location
  • Great People
  • Starting Era
  • Other


Five buildings increase housing capacity in your cities, including the City Center, Campus, Encampment, Harbor, and Holy Sites. Here’s the breakdown for each building:

  • City Center
    • Palace: +1 
    • Granary: +2
    • Sewer: +2
  • Campus
    • Madras: +1
    • University: +1
  • Encampment
    • Barracks: +1
    • Military Academy: +1
    • Stable: +1
  • Harbor
    • Lighthouse: +1
    • Seaport: +1
  • Holy Site
    • Pagoda: +1


Governments and policies can also affect your housing. These include Monarchy, Insulae, Medina Quarter, and New Deal.

  • Insulae: +1 in cities with at least two districts
  • Medina Quarter: +2 in cities with at least three districts
  • Monarchy: +2 in cities with Medieval Walls
  • New Deal: +4 housing, +2 amenities, -8 gold in cities with three districts


You can build different districts in your cities, and some of them affect the housing capacity. Examples include Aqueducts, Baths, Neighborhoods, Mbanza, and Rainforests.

  • Aqueduct: increasing housing bonus from water by up to six 
  • Bath: same as the aqueduct, with bonus +2 housing 
  • Neighborhood: + housing depending on the appeal of the tile
  • Mbzana: +5 housing, +2 food, +4 gold
  • Rainforests: this is Brazil’s exclusive building, which provides +1 housing to adjacent neighborhoods


You can improve housing by improving tiles with things like camps, farms, fishing boats, pastures, and plantations. These all give 0.5 housing, which means you need two of them to receive +1 housing. You see no benefit from having just one as the game does not round up.

Stepwells also give one additional housing with a bonus once Sanitation is available.


When it comes to settling, you should try and be near freshwater for the biggest housing bonus. Near fresh water will grand +3 housing, while being near the coast gives +1 housing. Additionally, becoming the Suzerain of Mohenjo-Daro grants an additional +3 housing bonus in all cities.

Great People

There are a few great people, mainly Engineers, who give a housing bonus. These people are Mimar Sinan, John Roebling, and Jane Drew. 

  • Mimar Sinan: +1 housing and amenities for a city (two uses)
  • John Roebling: +2 housing and +1 amenities for a city (two uses)
  • Jane Drew: +4 housing and +3 amenities for a city (1 use)

Keeping an eye on your city’s housing is vital for a few different reasons. For one, if you have more people than housing, your food surplus will be cut in half by a percentage. Producing additional food when this happens could be a total waste. Open up your city details and look for “Housing Multiplier” to get a better idea. 

There are also a few other ways to increase housing for religious followers. Shrines and Temples give +1 housing, so keep an eye out for those as well.

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