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How to increase amenities in Civilization 6

How to increase amenities in Civilization 6

Amenities are one of the essential things you need to understand for good city management in Civilization 6. Aside from housing, amenities are one of the main things that affect your city’s growth. In this guide, we will take a look at how to increase amenities in Civilization 6.

How to increase amenities in Civilization 6

  • Luxuries
  • Districts
  • Wonders
  • Religion
  • Government
  • Great People


Luxuries are the main way to get Amenities in your cities. Improving luxuries make them yield 4 Amenities, which get split up between all of your cities. Being the Suzerain of city-states also provides you with all of their Amenities. Here’s a list of Luxuries:

  • Plantation: Cocoa, Cotton, Coffee, Dyes, Citrus, Silk, Spices, Sugar, Incense, Tobacco, Tea, Wine
  • Mine: Diamonds, Mercury, Jade, Silver, Salt
  • Quarry: Marble, Gypsum
  • Camps: Furs, Truffles, Ivory
  • Fishing Boats: Whales, Pearly

Having more than one of the same luxury does nothing aside from allowing you to trade the extras for some profit. There are also special luxuries you can get some Great Merchants which behave the same way as regular luxuries.


Many different buildings and districts provide amenities for your cities. When a building says “Amenity from Entertainment,” it means the Amenities go to the city that owns it. Here are the different buildings and districts that grant Amenities:

  • Arena: +1 Amenity from Entertainment
  • Bath: +2 Housing, +1 Amenity
  • Entertainment District: +1 Amenity from Entertainment
  • Palace: +1 Amenity from Entertainment
  • Stadium: +2 Amenities from Entertainment, extends six tiles
  • Street Carnival: +2 Amenities from Entertainment
  • Tlachtli: +1 Amenity from Entertainment, extends six tiles
  • Zoo: +2 Amenities from Entertainment, extends six tiles


The following Wonders grant Amenities for your cities:

  • Alhambra: +2 Amenities from Entertainment, +1 Military Policy Slot, +2 Great General Points
  • Colosseum: +3 Amenities from Entertainment, +2 Culture
  • Estadio do Maracana: +2 Amenities from Entertainment, +6 Culture, +2 Amenities in all of your cities
  • Huey Teocalli: +1 Amenity from Entertainment to Lake adjacent Tiles, +1 Food and +1 Production to Lake Tiles


  • Zen Meditation: +1 Amenity in Cities with two or more districts
  • River Goddess Pantheon: +1 Amenity for cities with a Holy Site next to the river


The following Government and Policies options grant Amenities:

  • Classic Republic: +1 Amenity in cities with one or more district(s)
  • Liberalism: +1 Amenity if the city has two or more districts
  • New Deal: +2 Amenities, +4 Housing, -8 Gold in cities with three or more districts
  • Retainers: +1 Amenity if you have a garrison
  • Sports Media: 100% Theater Square adjacency bonus, Stadiums give +1 Luxury

Great People

A few great engineers provide an Amenity bonus. These people are as follows:

  • Jane Drew: +4 Housing, +3 Amenities (one use)
  • John Roebling: +2 Housing, +1 Amenity (two uses)
  • Joseph Paxton: Entertainment District effects extend three additional tiles, buildings in this district also provides +1 Amenity
  • Mimar Sinan: +1 Housing, +1 Amenity (two uses)

Negative Amenities

It is possible to go negative in your city’s amenities. A few different ways this can happen is from War Weariness, Bankruptcy, and Police State Policy. 

  • War Weariness: after being at war for a while, your city starts to lose Amenities.
  • Bankruptcy: you lose 1 Amenity for every -10 gold-per-turn you are losing.
  • Police State: Enemy Spies level reduced by two at the cost of lowering all of your amenities by one.
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