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How to Hit Home Runs in Super Mega Baseball 4

The most satisfying part of a Home Run: Hitting someone square in the face with the ball
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As someone who has had a literal pear be pummelled full force into my neck, I can understand the feelings of those who may be on the receiving end of a home run. Whilst the boy who did it was no pitcher, I imagine he felt somewhat similar to the batter who gets that home run – pure satisfaction and pleasure. In Super Mega Baseball, the ultimate goal is to get consistent home runs, back-to-back if possible. But doing so is no easy task. It is not like Wii Sports Bowling where you can cheese the system to get strike after strike and make your mom envious of your gaming skills. For this reason, this is Vincent’s guide on how to hit a home run in Super Mega Baseball 4.

Home Run in Super Mega Baseball 4 – Batting Guide

Super Mega Baseball 4 has refined its batting gameplay by combining the past two games into one. What we mean by this is that visually, players are often the same mechanic of the two circles in the centre of the screen. This shows where your bat is currently aimed for its swing. When the ball is incoming from the pitcher, you need to time your swing for when the inner circle is directly on the ball as it arrives. Unlike Super Mega Baseball 3 however, you have more time to correctly place the inner circle to where the ball is coming in from. Keep in mind that the ball can really come in from any angle so your reflexes are the most important factor into getting a home run.

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In SMB4, you will see a final circle (outline) to represent where the ball will fall right before it lands in the catcher’s hands. The outer circle made up of dots previously represented the power gauge of your swing. This time however, the main goal is to move the (filled in) inner circle to line dead centre with the ball’s circle (outline). By doing so, whilst hitting a power swing, you are guaranteed to get a home run. Of course, on paper this is easier said than done. The pitchers swings will change throughout the game, therefore it is all about your timing when hitting your swing. Instead of watching the pitcher and ball, wait until the final circle appears on screen and power up your swing to release when the two circles align with one another.

Whilst you can use the standard batting to get a home run, you are more likely to get one using heavier, more powerful swings. Standard batting will take longer to get a home run in Super Mega Baseball 4, however it is possible. Both methods require patience, accuracy, good reflexes and perfect timing.

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