How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Learn how to heal injured and inactive operators

In Rainbow Six Extraction, players can choose from a wide range of operators to play. Due to the evolving threat, things can get pretty hectic, and your operators can end up taking a good deal of damage. In the case that an operator returns under a certain amount of health, they will be classified as inactive. That means you can’t play as them, so how do you heal them up? This guide will explain how to heal inactive Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

To heal injured or inactive Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, you need to play through a mission and gain experience. At the end of your extraction, you will earn experience (XP) as well as health points (HP) for your entire roster. Higher threat levels grant bonus experience and health, but with that comes more challenging gameplay and, therefore, a greater chance of losing your operator.

In short, you’ll need to play through missions with other operators to heal your roster. When you play through about two missions, your injured operator should be back at nearly full health and ready to rock and roll. If an operator loses all of their health, they will go missing in action (MIA). 

In the case that an operator is MIA due to a failed extraction, you must rescue them from the Active Containment Zone where they went missing. To do this, you need to locate the Chimera Archæan Tree that is holding them. The Tree will have roots that can be countered by targeting the tendrils’ Arch Cells and Anchor Points. You’ll need to free and carry back the MIA Operator to the extraction point. So, to rescue an operator, play through the same map where your operator went MIA, and the rescue mission will be on the second or third stage. If you are successful, the operator will be back on your roster. 

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