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How to Get Vines in Hypixel SkyBlock

How to get vines for your private island!
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Hypixel SkyBlock is a game where you will be fighting bosses, creeping through dungeons, trading, and building up your own private island. Depending on the theme you want to go for, you may require vines for a more naturalistic, or ruinous, look. However, vines aren’t exactly easy to get hold of, and you may start to question if you can get hold of it. Thankfully, you can, but it’ll take a lot of work. Here is how to get vines in Hypixel SkyBlock.

Where to get vines in Hypixel SkyBlock

Deforestation en mass

To get vines, you don’t exactly source it like you may think you do. You cannot find them naturally occuring, so you can’t simply find them and grab them. For this, you will need a pair of shears, but not to harvest vines.

Make your way to the park. You’re going to be doing a lot of wood chopping. Grabbing a good axe will be essential. You will need to progress all the way to the Jungle Island, where Jungle Trees can be found. To access this floating island, you need Foraging Level 5, so get to it.

jungle wood level in minecraft
Image via Hypixel

When you have reached the Jungle Island, you must get your Jungle Wood collection to level IV, by collecting 500 Jungle Wood blocks. This will be quite the task, but keep at it. A strong axe will cut your time down considerably.

With your shears, collect a bunch of jungle leaves. This will be essential for later.

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When your Jungle Wood collection level is 4, then you will unlock the trade for vines!


Now that you have unlocked the trade for vines, go to you SkyBlock menu and go into the ‘trades’ menu. Navigate until you see the vines. Each vine costs 5 jungle leaves, so if you want a lot, prepare to gather a lot of leaves!

vine trade in minecraft
Image via Hypixel

You can make the trade as much as you want.

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