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How To Get The Meal Tickets In Persona 5 Strikers

How To Get The Meal Tickets In Persona 5 Strikers

I’ve heard some restaurants out there are so popular, that you can’t even get a seat at them without calling ahead. I don’t even mean fancy restaurants, just regular ones that are really, really good. Some people will go to any length to secure a bite of those legendary cuisines, including slaying a horde of demons in a metaphysical mind prison. Here’s how to get the meal tickets in Persona 5 Strikers.

After you’ve had your first encounter with the Sapporo Jail and have returned to reality, you’ll get a request from Ryuji titled “Love Soupreme.” Ryuji wants nothing more than to get a taste of Sapporo’s most legendary ramen joint, but the place is so popular, its meal tickets sell out almost instantly. However, there’s a rumor that a guy in town is buying up tickets en masse. If you visit a pharmacy called AKAGIRE, you’ll find a dude out front who’s got a huge stash of meal tickets in his pocket, but he ain’t giving them out for free.

How to get the Meal Tickets in Persona 5 Strikers

The owner of the pharmacy is a friend of the ramen chef, and to keep the chef from overworking his arm, he buys up the tickets so he doesn’t have to make as much. However, he’s willing to part with some tickets if you can bring him some special material to make an arm brace for the chef. This will prompt a second request, titled “The Apothecary’s Connection,” wherein Sophia has an idea about where to get the necessary materials.

All you have to do to complete The Apothecary’s Connection is defeat ten Mothman Shadows while playing as Sophia. Just head back to the Sapporo Jail and go looking for trouble, and you should find a few Mothman crowds fairly quickly. They’re not that strong, though Sophie’s a bit squishy on her own, so you may need to do a spot of grinding in preparation.

When you’ve defeated the Mothmen, turn in Sophia’s quest, then head back to the guy in front of the pharmacy to turn in the materials. When he’s satisfied, interact with the pharmacy, and you can purchase two meal tickets for Joker and Ryuji for 800 yen each. Turn in the request for an amusing cutscene and a Bond level boost.

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