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How to get the Gun in Wacky Wizards

How to get the Gun in Wacky Wizards

The Wacky Wizards update on September 8, 2021, introduced the new Gun ingredient to the game. The developers also added a leveling system into the game with the same update. We will walk you through how to get the Gun in Wacky Wizards so that you can discover new recipes and brew up a bunch of new potions!

Make sure to check out and bookmark our Wacky Wizards potions list, updated every Wacky Wednesday, if you want the complete list of recipes as soon as they release!

How to get the Gun in Wacky Wizards

To obtain the Gun in Wacky Wizards, you will need to reach Level 9. You can see your level by opening up your Potion Book and going to the Level tab. You can gain more levels by discovering new recipes, which you can check on the Spells tab on the Potion Book. As soon as you reach level 9, you will automatically receive the Gun on your ingredients table. 

Make sure to complete all of the available quests in the game to obtain all of the ingredients. Concoct all the potions in the game to discover all the recipes, and you will reach the max level in no time. Currently, you can gain more skins, titles, throw potions, and save slots by leveling up!

Players can create many whacky weapon potions using the Gun, like the Shrink ray, Beangun, Watergun, and others. We have a complete list of recipes down below in case you need some help. 

The Wacky Wizards gun ingredient can be used to make the following potions:

  • Bullet potion – Gun
  • Dynamite slinger potion – Gun + Dynamite
  • Giant-ray potion – Gun + Giant’s Ear
  • Flamethrower potion – Gun + Chilli
  • Bee-cannon potion – Gun + Honey
  • Shrink ray potion – Gun + Fairy
  • Beangun potion – Gun + Beans
  • Watergun potion – Gun + Fish
  • Poopy-gun potion – Gun + Rotten Sandwich
  • Pig Launcher potion – Gun + Pet Tags
  • Poison hair potion – Gun + Spider
  • Buxshoot potion – Gun + Robux
  • Freeze-gun potion – Gun + Frozen Egg
  • Gun-fire potion – Airstrike + Gun

You will also need to obtain the Airstrike ingredient if you want to complete all of the recipes. The Airstrike is, unfortunately, a premium ingredient, so it’s available in the Shop. Open up the ingredients tab, and spend some of your Gems to unlock it permanently.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Gun ingredient in Wacky Wizards. Have fun creating new wacky potions with it!

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