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How to Get the Elusive Galarian Stunfisk on Pokemon GO

In the Galar region, Stunfisks are much more dangerous.
Image via Niantic/The Pokemon Company

In most regions of the Pokemon world, Stunfisks are more of a mild nuisance than anything, administering electric shocks to anything unlucky enough to step on one. In the Galar region introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, though, Stunfisks are much more dangerous, hiding in the grass with Pokeball-like protrusions and snapping their beartrap-like jaws on anything that reaches in. If you really want such a Pokemon, then here’s how to get the elusive Galarian Stunfisk in Pokemon GO.

How to Get the Elusive Galarian Stunfisk on Pokemon GO

As opposed to the regular Stunfisk, which was added to Pokemon GO during the Tricky Pokemon event in April 2020, Galarian Stunfisk was added to the game during the Throwback Challenge event in June 2020. Both variants of Stunfisk have shiny forms in the game.

Can you Still get Galarian Pokémon in Pokemon GO?

While there are no Galar-themed events going on in Pokemon GO at the time of writing, it is still completely possible to catch Galarian Pokemon. Just like regular Pokemon, Galarian Pokemon can be encountered in the wild, fought in Raids, and hatched from higher-grade Eggs, usually at least 7km. Granted, your odds of encountering a Galarian Pokemon are the same as encountering any other Pokemon, so it may take some time to find one.

Can you Catch Galarian Stunfisk in the Wild?

While you can’t ensure the presence of a Galarian Stunfisk in the wild, there are ways you can subtly fudge the odds in your favor. The first and best way to do this is to explore real-world locales that a Galarian Stunfisk would hang out in or around. As Galarian Stunfisk is a Ground/Steel type, this includes muddy locations like rivers and playgrounds, developed areas like train stations and parking garages, and man-made areas like large buildings.

If there happens to be a PokeStop in or around any of these locales, you can utilize a generic Lure Module to increase the number of Pokemon that appear nearby. If you’re lucky, one of those Pokemon will be a Galarian Stunfisk. If there aren’t any PokeStops nearby, use an Incense instead to increase the occurrence of Pokemon around you.

In the absence of a spawn-boosting event, your odds of finding a Galarian Stunfisk on your own admittedly aren’t great, but it can be done. Take a walk around town, and if you’re lucky, you might step right into a Stunfisk’s waiting jaws! You know, for a given degree of “luck.”

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