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How to get special attacks in Moonscars

A heavy attack, at a heavy cost.
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Moonscars is a very difficult sidescroller soulslike that pits you in a land of despair, where death lurks at every corner. The game doesn’t give you a lot in terms of help, but one thing it does give, is the awesome special weapon system that lets you unleash special attacks upon your foes. But like everything in this game, it doesn’t come completely free. Here is how to use and get special attacks in Moonscars.

What are special attacks in Moonscars?

Special attacks are very powerful attacks. Each player can only benefit from one, depending on the special weapon that you have chosen as part of the game’s tutorial phase. These are devastating attacks that will inflict a status effect, be it stun, bleeding, knockback, amongst others.

Pressing ‘L’ will unleash the attack. Some have a slight build up, such as the hammer, so you’ll have to be careful when you use them.

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The best thing about some of the special attacks is that they can be performed in quick succession, meaning you can continuously hit enemies till they can’t take any more.

How to get special attacks in Moonscars

To get special attacks, you must get special weapons.

The special weapons, due to a convoluted plot explanation, are not actually you, Grey Irma. They are in fact clay creations that take your stead. These powerful clay manifestations cause some problems for you.

When you go to activate a new Dark Mirror, your clay double will get discarded. This means that when you go through that new Dark Mirror, not only are you stripped of your special weapon, but an evil doppelganger with that special weapon is waiting for you on the other side.

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You must exit the Dark Mirror, once you have finished your business in the Mould Workshop, and defeat the doppelganger, else you won’t be able to use the Dark Mirrors. Their health pool is moderate, but their attacks are fast, ferocious, and constant. Oh, and they can also heal. You’d best use your Witcheries if you to overcome your evil double.

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Image via Black Mermaid

Once you have defeated the evil doppelganger, you will be given a choice of three special weapons to carry you through till your next new Dark Mirror. One option will be the same weapon but without the limited bonus. The other two choices will be different special weapons and they will temporarily buff you, be it increasing health or Ichor or such like.

Alternatively, you can go to a Dark Mirror and offer three glands to perform the Weapon Rite, allowing you to choose another special weapon from a choice of three.

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