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How to Get Planks in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Aim higher and higher
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As your journey with Link begins or continues for those loyal fans of the franchise, time in the sky for Link was short-lived. Whilst you can regularly make your return to the Sky Islands whenever you please, something just appears to repeatedly call you back into the clouds. Could it be the Light Dragon or is it something as simple as being able to fly in Tears of the Kingdom? Regardless, having the opportunity to get creative and become an inventor like a fantasy Leonardo Da Vinci is something no one could pass up. For those wanting to make a mech, a tank, a super glider or a floating platform, this one is for you. Link requires the basic material of Planks in Tears of the Kingdom and Vincent’s guide will show you exactly where to get it.

Where to Find Planks in Tears of the Kingdom

Planks are just one of the crafting/building materials that is available in Tears of the Kingdom. With seemingly limitless possibilities on creating flying vehicles outside of the Flying Machine available in the game, players can get creative in what they wish to fly around with. This is where Planks come into play as they are a key part of your creations. To use Planks in Tears of the Kingdom however, they are not crafted by the usage of wood obtained through the cutting down of trees. No, rather you will need to find Planks scattered around the Regions of Hyrule rather than creating a Plank yourself, Minecraft style.

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Planks in Tears of the Kingdom can be found along the surface area of Hyrule. These are located pretty much anywhere so long as there is a Hudson Construction wooden structure in play that offer various building materials for Link to use.

What can Link Use Planks for?

Planks in Tears of the Kingdom can be used to create different vehicles in the game. From flying devices that require fans to operate to launchers, upgraded gliders or convertibles that combine land with flying. You will have the creative freedom to make pretty much whatever you want, from tanks and other weaponry, to adding launchers onto gliders that will rain fire from above. Unlocking the Autobuild Ability will allow Link to create set designs of vehicles with a click of a button so long as you have the correct materials on you at the time of building. However, unlocking the Ultrahand and Fuse are game changes for being able to create anything your heart desires.

That was Gamer Journalist’s guide on how to find and use Planks in Tears of the Kingdom. Looking for more Zelda content and guides? Be sure to check out all of our related articles over here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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