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How To Get Past The Bees In Sneaky Sasquatch

Bee-guardian of the treasure map.
How to get past the bees in sneaky sasquatch
Image via Rac7

Bees are not exactly the friendliest to Sasquatch, and they will attack if you get too close to their beehive. But, thankfully, there is always a solution to every problem; and that is in the shape of a Bear! (and fishing rod and fish.) So, if you’re struggling with those pesky little Bees, follow this guide which details how you can get past them in Sneaky Sasquatch.

Sneaky Sasquatch – How to get past the Bees

Now, you may be asking yourself why you would ever need to interact or be anywhere close to the Bees in Sneaky Sasquatch. Well, the answer is pretty simple, you will need to retrieve the Treasure Map pieces; coincidentally, it happens to be beneath the beehive.

So, here’s the game plan; first, you will need a fishing rod. This can be bought from Racoons Shop for 75 coins. Why, in Bigfoot’s name, do you need a fishing rod to get past Bees? To catch fish… for Bear! Because he won’t talk to you otherwise, with your handy fishing rod now acquired, you can then make your way to the lake to catch a fish.

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Once you’ve caught the catch of the day, you can make your way back to Bear and give him the fish. He will then make his way over the beehive and district the Bees; while he does this, you can easily make your way past the Bees and get the Treasure Map piece.

That’s it! That’s how to get past the Bees in Sneaky Sasquatch. Please check out Gamer Journalist on Facebook for more awesome content and join in on the discussion. On a Sasquatch grind? Here are some more guides to help you on your way to How To Rent A Billboard In Sneaky Sasquatch or Where To Find The Hot Springs In Sneaky Sasquatch.

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