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How to Get Neuroptics – Meso K6 (Uncommon) in Warframe

Snagging this relic and part can get you one step close to obtaining the Wisp Prime.

The Echoes of Duviri patch for Warframe arrives with a plethora of updates. While most eyes will be pointed towards the Jackal boss returning, a new Prime Warframe was added to the collection. Wisp Prime was introduced, bringing boosted stats and a special passive ability. Players can choose to buy the Warframe straight up, or with Prime Access. Otherwise you’ll have to earn relics in-game in order to acquire the parts for Wisp Prime. One of these relics can lead you to the Neuroptics part of the gear, putting you one step closer to crafting the Warframe. So let’s enter the void and figure out how to get Neuroptics – Meso K6 uncommon) in Warframe.

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How to Get Neuroptics – Meso K6 (Uncommon) in Warframe

How to Get Neuroptics - Meso K6 (uncommon) in Warframe Wisp Prime
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If you aren’t acquainted with obtaining relics and crafting Prime Warframes, there’s a few things to know. Firstly, you’ll need to earn relics by completing endless missions, or by completing missions in the Void. The Wisp Prime Neuroptics can be found in the Meso K6 (uncommon) relic. And since relics aren’t a guarantee drop, there are a few missions that will save you a lot of time and effort, if you’re attempting to acquire the relic.

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The missions that will be the best for you to run to get the Meso K6 are: Helene – Saturn, Ukko – Void, Stribog – Void, and Oxomoco – Void. After which you’ll have to complete a Void Fissure with the relic equipped, allowing you to choose the Wisp Prime Neuroptics. From there, you can start the crafting process for each individual part of the Warframe. Taking 12 hours to craft each part, and 72 hours to create the full suit of armor. Giving you plenty of time to partake in the other myriad of content in Echoes of Duviri.

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