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How to get money through divorce battles in BitLife

For all you had to deal with, you deserve compensation. (Keep telling yourself that.)
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Like in real life, divorce is rarely clean. Unforgivable slurs are tossed at one another, kids suffer, and mom and dad may never speak to each other again. And to make the unfortunate event worse, income is always contested. Who gets what in the divorce? In BitLife, if you play your cards right, you can get money in the divorce battle.

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Getting money out of your divorce battle takes a level of foresight. Before you got married, you or your significant other may be asked to sign a prenup—an agreement that settles assets before marriage. If you signed it without knowing what it was, then your marriage is simply going to end, and you don’t get any money out of it.

In the event that you were able to ignore the prenup, a lawyer might see fit that you deserve a slice of your soon-to-be ex-husband and or ex-wife’s bank balance. It depends entirely on who’s got the bigger checkbook. If your ex-spouse is a grocer making $15,000 a year and you’re a porn star making over $100,000, chances are you will be paying your ex.

Make a career out of divorce

Divorce actually opens up an unofficial career in BitLife. By going after rich love interests, while you are a lazy couch potato with good looks, you can get married and then soon after divorce them. But you don’t want just any rich person—they need to be old and rich. You need a sugar daddy or sugar mama.

The trick is to be lazy. Scoring the big bucks means having as little in your bank balance as possible. The less you have, the better. You don’t want to have more than them by accident or else you’ll have to pay them. You still want good looks though, as that will increase your chances of hooking up.

Now start finding love. It’s better if you use the dating app, which is in the “Activities” menu under “Love.” It gives you the option to set an age range as well as your desired income. The older they are, the higher the chances are they’ve got money stored away in their bank.

Once you’ve found love, make them happy. Go on vacation, spend time with them, have conversations, and offer compliments. Strengthen the relationship to the max. After you’ve made wedding plans, the question of a prenup will come up. You have the option to decline, but in some cases you’ll have to throw the wedding and try again. You have to break them down until they give in.

If you’re successful, spend a year together and then demand a divorce. Under “Relationships,” choose your spouse and pick “Get a Divorce.” Since they had more money than you, and you did not sign a prenup, you’ll get at least half of everything they owned. Crude, but effective.