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How to get Mankey Fur in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Needs more Mankey fur
Mankey Pokedex image Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Image Via Gamefreak and Nintendo

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are out now and with them are some interesting new ideas. Some ideas will of course be enjoyed more than others. One of the most curious, fun, and creative of these new ideas has been TM creation. While you can still find TMs on routes and behind buildings, you also can now use materials you find in the wild to make specific TMs. Thus materials from Pokemon now exist. One of those materials you’ll need for several TMs is Mankey Fur. Here’s how to get Mankey Fur in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Where to Get Mankey Fur

To get Mankey fur is fairly simple, it’s how much and where that is most important. To simply put all materials are gained from beating or catching that type of Pokemon. So if you want some Mankey fur, you’ve got to fight or catch some Mankey. Mankey fur is also dropped by any of its evolutions as well, including Primeape and the brand new third evolution, Annihilape.

Mankey habitat map pokemon scarlet and violet
Image Via Gamefreak and Nintendo

Luckily Mankey is found quite early in the start of Scarlet and Violet. There are Mankey roaming around in rather an abundance all along South Province Area One and Area Five. They are rather a low level so if you ever run out of Mankey fur you can come back here and collect as much material as you need.

Mankey are also located in West Province Area One which is a very large area so there should be no shortage of them to find and collect their fur. Primeape is also found in this area.

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TMs that Use Mankey Fur

So your next question is probably what TMs can Maneky fur be used for? Being a Fighting-Type Pokemon, Mankey’s fur can be used in 4 Fighting-Type TMs. It is the sole material needed for TM12 Low Kick. It is also needed for TMs 39: Low Sweep, 73: DrainPunch, and 134: Reversal. These 3 TMs use Mankey fur in combination with other TM materials you will discover on your journey.

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