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How to Get Light Dragon Scales in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A beacon of hope for Hyrule

Similar to that of the Northern Lights, the dragons in Hyrule will leave you in a state of wonder. Who are these mythical creatures? What are they doing here? With their presence and identity unknown to those beginning Tears of the Kingdom, you cannot help but be lured in by the Light Dragon herself. With a magical mane and scales to match it, this is how to obtain the Light Dragon Scales in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to Find the Light Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Light Dragon is one of the four dragons found flying around the Regions of Hyrule. However, they are very hard to find and impossible to see from the surface. Instead, you will often need to go to the highest points in the sky or follow the dragon down into the depths. But unlike the Lightning, Ice and Fire Dragons who lurk in the depths as their final destination of their A-Z route they will repeatedly take, the Light Dragon remains soaring through the skies, regardless of the time of day. This Dragon will fly around the perimeter of Hyrule, where the route follows in the order of Hyrule Fields north to Hebra Mountains, following the edge to Death Mountain, heading central into Lanayru Wetlands and back onto the Map’s edge towards East Necluda. Then she visits Lake Hylia, crossing to Gerudo Highlands and back to Hyrule Fields where she repeats her route once again.

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The problem with the Light Dragon’s route is that she will fly across the land in a giant circular path every few hours. This means that you cannot guarantee that you will be able to find her depending solely on a particular time of day. Instead, you should visit the Sky Islands, working to visit each one where the Light Dragon may make its way through. Supposedly, the Dragon’s reset their path every ten minutes, during which they can be impossible to find again. Especially with the Light Dragon having such a massive route that she takes.

Obtaining the Light Dragon Scales – Guide

Once you find the Light Dragon, however, I highly recommend that you save your game. Getting onto her scales can be incredibly tough, but we recommend that you visit the Room of Awakening where the Light Dragon will inevitably pass. A paraglider can be used – however you will need the ability of Gust of Wind. Alternatively, you can use the Flying Machine or a Hot Air Balloon to reach the highest point of Hyrule.

When you get on top of the Light Dragon, all you need to do is hit her scales found near the top of her head (below her hair) with a blunt weapon. This will remove the Light Dragon Scale which you then need to pick it up to put it in your Inventory. The Scales can be used to upgrade your armor, being an incredibly rare material to harvest as it belongs to the one and only Light Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom.

That was our full guide on how to obtain Light Dragon Scales in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For more Zelda guides, feel free to check out Gamer Journalist’s related articles here.

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