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How to Get Laser Sight in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Increase your accuracy with the Laser Sight

In the original Resident Evil 4 (2005) the Laser Sight was an important attachment due to its helpful aid in the user’s aim with the original Control Scheme. Whilst the shift towards a more modernized and fluid third-person aiming system has been implemented, players would like to see the return of the Laser Sight. This Weapon Attachment increased the odds of hitting those critical head shots that would be necessary in taking out general enemies such as Ganado. But did this attachment make its return in the Remake? Well, it appears so but only on the likes on specific Weapons such as Leon Kennedy’s all important Handgun. This is our guide on how to obtain the Laser Sight in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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What Can the Laser Sight be Used on?

Unlike the original, the Laser Sight is a Weapon Attachment for few Weapons inside the Remake. Whereas in the original, the Laser Sight appeared on the majority of the Weapons you obtained in Resident Evil 4 (2005). The Laser Sight is confirmed to be an upgrade for the Handgun (SG-09 R), 9mm Pistol (Punisher) and the Sentinel 9 Deluxe Pistol.

How to Obtain the Laser Sight in RE4 Remake

The Laser Sight has returned to the Remake but only in the form as a Weapon upgrade. This can be added to your Handgun which will increase your aiming capabilities. You will be able to get cleaner headshots and take your time to hit those critical shots. In order to obtain the attachment however, this can only be achieved by purchasing it off the Merchant. The Merchant appears throughout the game, offering goods to buy, the ability to sell unwanted gear and the option to complete Side Quests as The Merchant acts as a middle-man for all Requests.

The pricing of the Laser Sight in The Merchants Shop is 10 Spinel. These can easily be saved as you complete The Merchant Requests, which reward you with Spinel upon every completion. Be sure to complete the Requests whenever you can so that you can save up on the Spinel to purchase the Laser Sight.

Do keep in mind however that whilst the Laser Sight exists, it is only a red-dot sight that shows on the body of the enemy you are aiming at. The original Sight which previously showed a beam has now been removed for the Remake.

We hope this guide answered any questions you may have had regarding the Laser Sight in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Feel free to see more about the game available at Gamer Journalist, from guides to news.

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