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How to Get Kaoson in Borderlands 3

This guide takes a look at how you can get Kaoson in Borderlands 3. The Kaoson is a new legendary SMG weapon in the game that requires playing on Mayhem 6 or higher. It’s a very powerful SMG so if you want to learn how you can get your hands on it, continue reading.

How to Get Kaoson in Borderlands 3

  • Item: Kaoson
  • Area: Athenas
  • Boss: Captain Traunt
  • Difficulty: Mayhem 6+

First, you want to head over to Athenas. The boss we need to take out here I Captain Traunt. Also, it’s important to note you need to be on Mayhem 6 or higher to get the Kaoson to drop. The weapon is not in the loot pool if you are playing on any difficulty level lower than that.

Captain Traunt is located at the end of the map, so make your way all the way over there. You may need to do a few runs, but the drop rate does not seem to be that low.

The Kaoson has three firing modes so you can select from fully automatic, semi-automatic, or burst fire. It shoots out sticky bullets that explode, and both the regular bullet and explosion count as splash damage.

Fully automatic seems to be the best firing mode on this weapon, as it’s very accurate and has a fast rate of fire. It also deals a lot of damage, so overall it’s a strong weapon and definitely worth picking up.

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