How to Get Jet Boots in Deep Rock Galactic

They are better than Jet Ski!
Space Dwarf in Deep Rock Galactic
Image via Ghost Ship Games

Deep Rock Galatic has a new update and a couple of extra aces up its boots. That’s right, the Jet Boots that will allow you to fly vertically like having a jet pack on your back are here. But, they won’t be found in plain sight.

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To get the hidden Jet Boots in Deep Rock Galactic you will have to do a little searching around the base, and play a mini-game. But if you want to find out just how difficult this will be we recommend you continue reading on!

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Where Are Jet Boots in Deep Rock Galactic?

Jet Boots will be found in the topmost part of the Space Rig, right above the giant rocket engine. To get there you’ll need to use an array of halls and lifts. Follow our instructions below to quickly find the path.

  • When you’re in the Space Rig, look across the way from the Abyss Bar and go into the lift there.
  • Once you’re on the next level head left through the narrow hall.
  • Take another left and continue forward in the hall that says Top Hangar.
  • At the end of the Top Hangar, you’ll walk into another lift that will carry you up.
  • Follow the path in front of you and when you see the path before you forking into two directions head to the left and enter another hallway.
  • After you leave this hallway head to your right and climb the ladder.
  • Now you’ve reached the top level and in front of you, you’ll see a chest containing Jet Boots.

The chest that has the Jet Boots won’t simply open by itself. You’ll need to play a mini-game that reminds us all of that annoyingly-popular game Floppy Bird! As soon as you successfully complete the game, the chest will open and the boots will be yours. You will even be able to test out the boots right then and there in the Space Rig base!

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