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How to Get Iron Hands in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to find!

Iron Hands is one of the future Pokémon players can get in Scarlet and Violet—particularly Pokémon Violet. They boast exceptional stats that exceed their present counterparts. Here’s how to get your hands on an Iron Hands in the game.

Iron Hands location in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Iron Hands can easily be found in the last accessible area in Pokémon Violet, Area Zero. You can find a couple roaming right in front of the first Research Station.

However, if you’re a Pokémon Scarlet player, you would have to play co-op with a player who has a copy of Violet or ask them to trade you Iron Hands. There is no other way to get Iron hands to spawn naturally in Pokémon Scarlet, as it is a Violet-exclusive. 

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How to access Area Zero and spawn Iron Hands in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

You need to clear all three story paths to get access to Area Zero. This means that you would have to become the Pokémon Champion, get all of the Herba Mystica, and defeat the leader of Team Starfall. An efficient way of clearing all these story paths is by doing them simultaneously and visiting the nearest quest of the three, depending on which area you’re in.

Once you’ve beaten all three story paths, you need to beat the final boss of the game. You can then fully explore Area Zero to your heart’s content. Only then will Area Zero will start spawning future Pokémon upon beating the final boss.

Iron Hands is a Fighting/Electric Pokémon and is weak to Ground/Psychic/Flying Pokémon types, so make sure to bring any Pokémon with those move-types.

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