How to Get Infinite Money in Palworld? (Money Glitch)

Get rich or die trying.
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If you’ve tried all known ways of making money in Palworld and you still don’t believe that you’re making enough, then it’s probably a glitch-exploiting time!

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As with every other game on this planet, Palworld also has a number of glitches and bugs that players are discovering daily and using to their advantage. Naturally, these get patched and fixed in updates, but sooner or later, newer ones pop up.

Keep reading to find out everything about the latest money glitch in Palworld that can earn you a fortune!

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Palworld Money Exploit

If you want to become a Palworld millionaire overnight, you’ll need Black Merchants to help you do it. Actually, their carcasses. This glitch includes finding and killing Black Merchants and ripping them off their riches.

We already covered the locations of all Black Merchants that you can use to assist you in this money run. You can try killing him the standard way by engaging him and fighting fairly, or you can use the small exploit and kill him even when you’re weaker than him.

How to Kill a Black Merchant When You’re Underleveled?

Approach the Black Merchant and place a Hanging Trap (10 Wood, 5 Stone) right behind him. He will immediately be entrapped and will be hanging. Now, pick out a Campfire (10 Wood) from your build menu and put it beneath him.

The game won’t allow you to build the fire exactly underneath the Black Merchant, but you don’t need to. Just place it close enough so that he burns when the fire is lit. Fire will start damaging him, but as you’ll soon notice, it’s going to be a slow cooking session, so if you want to make it faster, you can hit him or shoot him.

Important: You MUST hit Black Merchant at least once, so you’re guaranteed to get the loot from him. If the only damage he takes before he dies is from the Campfire, you won’t get the goods. When he’s dead, you can get his sweet gold.

When you’ve killed off the Black Merchant, all you need to do is leave the area and return so that he respawns, and you can repeat the process.

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