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How to Get Hard Wood in Dinkum

I'm gonna make the ultimate coffee table.
dinkum forest
Image via James Bendon

I swear, before sandbox crafting games were a thing, I had no idea how many different kinds of wood there were. Soft wood, birch wood, cedar wood, and of course, hard wood; all have their own appearances and properties. In Dinkum, hard wood is necessary for the creation of various vital and cosmetic items. Here’s how to get hard wood in Dinkum.

How to Get Hard Wood in Dinkum

Hard wood can be sourced from blackwood and pine trees located around the Bushlands and Pine Forest biomes, respectively. When hard wood logs are processed into hard wood planks with a table saw, you can use a crafting table to craft them into all kinds of nifty stuff from animal traps to fencing.

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Unlike in other crafting games, however, harvesting resources in Dinkum requires the proper paperwork. Before you can chop down any trees, you need to get yourself a Logging License. You can redeem a Logging License from Fletch at the Base Tent/Town Hall for 250 Permit Points. A Logging License is required not just to chop down trees, but to own an axe at all; once you have one, you can visit John’s Goods to purchase a Basic Axe for 1,200 Dinks.

Advanced Logging

dinkum palm trees
Image via James Bendon

You’re not quite done yet, however. The Basic Axe can only chop down certain kinds of trees, and hard wood trees aren’t included in that list. Go chop down some lesser trees to raise your Logging level to at least 10, then return to Fletch at Town Hall to buy the level 2 Logging License for 1,000 Permit Points. With this License, you can upgrade your Basic Axe into a Copper Axe with 2 copper bars smelted from mined copper ore. Copper Axes can chop down any tree in the game.

Once you’ve got your Copper Axe and the authority to use it, visit the Bushlands or Pine Forest biomes and look for blackwood and pine trees. They’re usually distinctively darker in color compared to other trees, so you should know them when you see them. When you’ve got a target, just walk right up and use your Basic Axe to chop it down, after which it’ll immediately transform into hardwood logs.

You can now source all of the hard wood logs your little heart desires. Go craft some cool stuff with all of it! I’m partial to the Croc Teeth Bat, myself.

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