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How to Get Extra Gold Daily from Questing in New World

An easy way to make up to 750+ gold daily in New World for just twenty minutes of work.
How to Get Extra Gold Daily from Questing in New World

The main currency in New World is Gold. You use it to pay your property taxes, buy items and materials, and respec your skills. As with any game, you’ll want to come up with some good gold-making methods to help you save up some money so you can afford to live the good life. This guide will show you an easy way to get up to 750+ gold daily in New World by simply completing faction missions.

Some players may already be familiar with this method. However, even some veteran players did not even know about it, so we’re here to help spread the knowledge. The nice thing about doing this is that it is guaranteed to net you gold every day, as opposed to farming and hoping your items sell. Let’s dive in and see what it’s all about.

An easy way to get gold daily in New World

To get some extra gold daily in New World, you can complete your daily bonuses at your corresponding faction representative’s Faction Board. Simply go to any town, speak with the faction rep, and open up the Faction Board. At the very top of the screen, you can see some text reading “Daily Bonuses Available.” 

How to Get Extra Gold Daily from Questing in New World

Every day, you get three daily bonuses for completing faction quests. How this works is the amount of gold you earn for completing them is multiplied by about ten. For example, if a PvE quest rewards you with 25 gold upon completion, you would get 250 gold instead if you have daily bonuses available.

The best way to take advantage of this is by going to a high-level zone and completing PvE quests that reward the most gold. Some good locations include Shattered Mountain, Reekwater, Ebonscale Reach, and similar areas. The three daily bonuses are global, meaning when you only get three to use in total amongst all zones. 

By completing these every day, you can get between 500 to 750 gold per day, translating to about 3,500 to 5,500 gold per week! It’s not a bad moneymaker for maybe twenty minutes of work or less per day. We find this to be a nice task to add to the daily routine if you are looking to stack your gold to afford to pay your property tax or purchase some high-end items.

Hopefully, this tip helps some of you New World players out, and you can work on saving up some gold. Share this tip with your friends, and make sure to check out our other New World content.

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