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How to Get Glory of the Dragonflight Hero in Dragonflight

Achievement unlocked.
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There are some achievements that require to do some things a good number of times. Others, require you to collect a complete set of armor, or weapons, or spells. There are even some achievements that will ask you to complete the game 100%. And then there are some achievements that will require you to complete another set of achievements. That is the type of achievement we are going to talk about today. Have I said “achievements” too much? Well, call that an achievement, then. Here is how to get Glory of the Dragonflight Hero achievement in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

How to Get Glory of the Dragonflight Hero

In order to get the Glory of the Dragonflight Hero character achievement, you will have to complete 25 Dragonflight Mythic dungeon achievements. It is quite a grind, so prepare yourself to finish each one of them in order to get achievement and the reward that comes with it. Here is the complete achievement list, how to get each one of them, and where do they take place.

AchievementHow to GetZone
See Me After ClassDefeat Vexamus without absorbing Arcane Orbs.Algeth’ar Academy
Squad GoalsActivate both Goals and then defeat Crawth.Algeth’ar Academy
All Bark, All BiteAfter every player have consumed a Brackenhide Hollow, defeat Treemouth.Brackenhide Hollow
Toxicity Strike TeamAfter Purging the Water Intakes, defeat the Toxic Swogmother.Halls of Infusion
Go With the FlowSlay three Flow Control Units and then defeat the Primal Tsunami.Halls of Infusion
Ready for Raiding VIIIDefeat the Forgemaster Gorek without being hit by Forgestorm, Forgefire, Blazing Eruptions, one of the player’s Blazing Aegis, or the final slam of Heated Swings.Neltharus
Are You My Broodmother?After chilling, searing, tempering, and keeping the Nascent Ruby Egg alive, defeat Erkhart Stormvein and Kyrakka.Ruby Life Pools
Does Steam Do Fire Damage?After heating up 4 life pools by using Molten Boulder, defeat Kokia Blazehoof,Ruby Life Pools
Icy What You Did ThereAfter using Icy Devastator 12 times on an Icy Crystal, defeat Telash Greywing.The Azure Vault
What Are The Chances…After striking a player with 5 Lightning Strikes simultaneously and defeating a Storm Elemental, defeat the Raging Tempest.The Nokhud Offensive
Ohuna IncubationBring eight warm ohuna eggs to Ohuna Keeper Taruk, all at once.The Nokhud Offensive
It’s a Trogg Eat Trogg WorldWhile 10 or more Stonevault Troggs are still alive, defeat Bromach.Uldaman
Like Sands Through the HourglassAfter catching all Eternity Orbs that fall to the ground, defeat Chrono-Lord Deios.Uldaman
Duck, Duck, Spruce!While all the party members have a Well-Fed Duckling, defeat the Overgrown Ancient.Algeth’ar Academy
GrowlbossifyAfter freeing Chief Softpaw, equip her with a spear and shield, and, while keeping her alive, defeat Hackclaw’s War-Band.Brackenhide Hollow
So You Can Kill This in a Way That Matters…Find, plant, and then destroy with Decaystrike three Resilient Mushrooms, then defeat Decatriarch Wratheye.Brackenhide Hollow
Hungry Hungry HornswogForce Gulping Goliath to become Hangry, make it devour 10 Curious Swoglets, and then defeat it.Halls of Infusion
Knowledge is… Preserved?While preventing 15 or more books to burn, defeat Chargath, Bane of Scales.Neltharus
Liquid Hot MagmaMutate Magmatusk with Draconic Tincture, and then defeat it.Neltharus
Dragon Kill PointsDefeat 40 Infused Whelps, and then defeat Melidrussa.Ruby Life Pools
You Must Be Made of HideAvoid being hit by a polymorph trap and prevent a Shriek from being triggered and cast, and then defeat Umbrelskul.The Azure Vault
The Cracked CrystalDefeat 9 Geode Chunks after smashing Shimmering Geodes with Dragon Strike, and then defeat Umbrelskul.The Azure Vault
Weapons of the MaruukaiObtain three tainted weapons: the Spear of Tolui, War Axe of Berke, and Bow of Sartaq, and then defeat Teera and Maruuk.The Nokhud Offensive
Nokhud Deed Goes UnnoticedAfter healing Ohn’ahra, defeat Balakar Khan.The Nokhud Offensive
No, You’re Stunning!Stun Sentinel Talondras and all party members at the same time, and then defeat Sentinel Talondras.Uldaman

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After getting the Glory of the Dragonflight Hero achievement, you will receive an item called Shellack. This item will teach you how to summon the ground mount, called Shellack. It requires Apprentice Riding and a level from 1 to 70. So there is no requirement needed indeed. Good luck completing all the achievements, and don’t get overly frustrated.

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