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How to Get Fist of Darkness in Roblox Blox Fruits

It's not a pirate adventure without dangerous artifacts!
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As you’d expect from any pirate-centric naval adventure, One Piece is lush with ancient artifacts, a statistically-significant portion of which are cursed in some way. It’s pretty much a rule of fantasy piracy that you need to be willing to lug around a few cursed tchotchkes on any given day. Speaking of cursed tchotchkes and piracy, here’s how to get the Fist of Darkness in Roblox Blox Fruits.

How to Get Fist of Darkness in Roblox Blox Fruits

The Fist of Darkness is a special artifact you may stumble upon during your voyages in Blox Fruits. It looks like a little black scepter with a shiny black egg thing embedded in the top. This item is highly coveted not just because of its rarity, but because of how hard it is to hold onto. You can only hold one Fist of Darkness in your inventory at a time, you can’t save it in your backpack, and if you die, you lose it.

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So, what is this cursed shoulder massager used for? The Fist of Darkness has three potential applications, all of which can yield greater rewards with a bit of fortitude.

  • It can be used at the Dark Arena to spawn the Darkbeard Raid Boss.
  • It can be used at the Hot and Cold Island Laboratory to get a Core Brain from Order.
  • It can be used to obtain the Slayer Skin for the Dark Blade.

Getting a Fist of Darkness

Image via Gamer Robot Inc

There are two ways you could conceivably obtain a Fist of Darkness, though both of these have a hefty probability element. Don’t expect this pursuit to be short and pleasant.

The first method is to obtain a Fist of Darkness from a Chest. Fists of Darkness spawn at random in Chests every four hours on a given server. Of course, that’s taking literally every single Chest in a server into account, so your odds of finding the one with the Fist in it are low, at best.

The second, slightly more reliable method is to get a Fist of Darkness from a Sea Beast. Sea Beasts, when defeated, have a low chance to drop a Fist of Darkness as loot. There are catches to this, however. Firstly, when I say “low,” I mean maybe 1-2%. Secondly, only Sea Beasts encountered at random in the Second Sea can drop Fists. Manually-summoned Sea Beasts, such as the ones that appear during advanced Raids or when using the Summon Sea Beast item don’t count.

If you’ve got time, your best bet for finding a Fist of Darkness is to tool around for a while in the open waters of the Second Sea until a Sea Beast pops up, then hope it drops one after you kick its butt.

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