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How to get Egg Moves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Breeding and Egg Moves go hand in hand - here's how you should be organising any Picnic you set up in Scarlet and Violet!
Pokemon Egg at Picnic Scarlet and Violet
Image via Nintendo

Pokémon has made a few changes and additions to pre-existing mechanics from the series. One such case is with how Egg Moves can be implemented. This aspect of breeding opens up even more options to play around with building and customising every kind of Pokémon of yours. We will give you and clear and concise breakdown of everything you need to know.

How to get Egg Moves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Breeding itself works the same way as the rest of the series for its latest mainline instalment. You will be wanting to breed your Pokémon so that moves and abilities are passed on to their offspring. However, unlike before, breeding is done in an entirely new way. Since Scarlet and Violet have no Day Care Nurseries in sight, it is through the new activity of Picnics that Breeding can result in obtaining an Egg. If successful, said item will appear in the player’s picnic basket.

The only criteria necessary to have in place to see success in breeding is that a male and a female Pokémon are with each other during this time. Additionally, the longer you keep the picnic up and running, the likelihood of obtaining an Egg will increase. This can also be affected by certain Meals being made to shorten the time needed.

When it comes to passing Egg Moves, its mechanics have been evolved from Pokémon Sword and Shield. Not only can the parents also learn Egg Moves as long as they are the same species, the item addition of the Mirror Herb unlocks the potential of a Pokémon learning an Egg Move from any Pokémon within the Picnic. This will be regardless of gender and species.

To do this, buy from the Delibird Presents since it will stock the Mirror Herb for ₽30,000, an item that allows a Pokémon to mirror an opponent’s stat increases to boost its own stats. Ensure that at least one ability slot is available on the Pokémon you want an Egg Move to be added into.

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