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How to Get Eevee Fur in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Who wouldn't love a bit of that soft fur?
pokemon scarlet violet eevee pokedex
Image via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

If there’s one thing Eevee is known for (besides its apparently unstable genetic structure), it’s its soft, luxurious fur. That inherent cuddliness is what has elevated Eevee to a recognizable status almost on par with Pikachu! If you’d like a bit of that fur for yourself for whatever reason, we know where to get it. Here’s how to get Eevee Fur in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Get Eevee Fur in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Eevee Fur is a material item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, used primarily in the creation of TMs at any Pokemon Center’s TM Machine or to trade for League Points. Whenever you battle or catch a wild Eevee, as well as any of evolutions, they’ll drop one or more bits of Eevee Fur for you to collect, moreso if you’re boosted by things like Meal Powers.

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Eevee Fur is a required component in the following TMs:

  • Helping Hand: 400 LP, 1 Eevee Fur
  • Baton Pass: 3,000 LP, 3 Girafarig Fur, 3 Eevee Fur

Finding Eevees and Evolutions

pokemon scarlet violet eevee habitat
Image via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

As a mostly-domesticated Pokemon, Eevees typically hang out in the vicinity of major towns and cities around the Paldea region. You can find them wandering around fairly plentifully in the Southern and Western Provinces in the vicinities of Cortondo, Cascarrafa, Medali, and the Pokemon League building. South Province Area Two and West Province Area Three are the best places to look.

While deliberately hunting down Eevees isn’t especially difficult, if you’re lucky, you may stumble upon one of its evolutions out in the wild as well, which can yield some extra Eevee Fur. While every Eevee evolution can be found in the wild, their odds of appearing are quite low, but you might just spot one if you look in the right place:

  • Vaporeon: Swimming in lakes and rivers around the region
  • Jolteon: Hilly areas of West and East Provinces
  • Flareon: Mountainous areas of the North Province
  • Espeon: Grassy areas of the South Province during the day
  • Umbreon: Enclosed caves at night
  • Leafeon: Forested areas like Tagtree Thicket and the vicinity of Casseroya Lake
  • Glaceon: Snowy areas of Glaseado Mountain
  • Sylveon: In the vicinity of towns in the South and West Provinces

Once you’ve got a big ol’ clump of Eevee Fur, you can make all the TMs you want. Or just gather it all into a pile and hug it. That’s what I’d do.

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