How to Get Confusion Glove in Slap Battles?

If an ordinary slap wasn't confusing enough.
A cartoon-like character flying off after a slap in Roblox Slap Battles
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Confusion is a very popular glove in the Slap Battles Roblox game due to its effect on opposing players. When hit, players will get a blue tint over their screen, with zoom-in and zoom-out effects, and their commands will all scramble. Useful for slap fights.

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How to Get A Confusion Glove?

Confusion Glove requires the “what” badge to obtain before becoming available. However, obtaining the “what” badge is not easy at all. Let’s lead you through the process:

  • You need to use the Spin ability
  • Then you have to be slapped by a Reaper user
  • You have to blow up a tycoon that is spawned by a Tycoon user
  • You have to get hit by a bus spawned by a Bus user

Note: The last two actions have to occur while the Reaper’s ability timer is at 5 seconds or less.

The Effects of Confusion

A player’s screen will momentarily become heavily tinted purple upon being hit with Confusion. Additionally, the player’s movement will be entirely reversed; that is, pressing a movement key will cause the character to move in the opposite direction of the key.

Another effect is the camera constantly zooming in and out, much like when hit by Hallow Jack’s ability. Confusion-affected players will also emit purple question marks that are visible to other players. All these effects last for ten seconds.

Interesting Facts about Confusion

  • Confusion’s effect can be removed by CUSTOM and MEGAROCK, but the particle will still be on.
  • Confusion Glove is one of the few that has an emoji in their tooltip, with Ice and Psycho.
  • If you get hit with two Confusions your commands will get back to normal.
  • There are 5 W badges (Where, Who, Where, What, and When), and Confusion is one of those.
  • If you get slapped by Confusion and then hit by Hallow Jack’s pumpkin, your screen will get dark red, and it will be hard to say where you’re going.

Confusion Glove is pretty tricky to obtain but also very useful in slap battles. For more related content, try out our articles How to Get the Error Glove in Roblox Slap Battles and How to get Charge Glove in Slap Battles.

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