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How to Get Cloth in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

How to Get Cloth in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Have you ever stopped and considered the fact that the shirt you’re wearing was once growing out of the ground? It’s weird, right? At one point, it was some nondescript plant, and now it’s a shirt with a random brand logo on it. If you’re curious about this process and want an explanation, well, watch a documentary. But if you want an abridged explanation, just make some cloth in Story of Seasons! Here’s how to get cloth in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.

Obtaining straight cloth in Story of Seasons is a multi-step process, but the first step is probably the most monotonous: yard maintenance. On and around your farmland, you’ll no doubt notice a surplus of weeds growing out of the ground. Clearing out those weeds not only frees up space, but raises your Reaping skill rank. If you clear out enough weeds, you’ll eventually get your Reaping level up to 3, Fledgling Reaper. Upon hitting level 3, you’ll receive a recipe for creating the Thread Maker, a device that can transform all of those loose weeds into proper thread. 

How to Get Cloth in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

The Thread Maker is only half the equation, though. You’ll need to keep on clearing out weeds until your Reaping skill raises one more level. Once you hit level 4, Adept Reaper, you’ll be rewarded with the recipe for the Textile Maker, another device that’ll weave thread into proper cloth. 

After that, all you gotta do is craft the Thread Maker from 10 logs and 10 ropes and the Textile Maker from 3 thread and 5 iron ingots. Feed some weeds into the Thread Maker to get thread, then feed that thread into the Textile Maker, and voila, soft, silky cloth, ready for crafting and selling.

Incidentally, you may notice a quest on the bulletin board early in the game requesting cloth. These quests are required to progress the game, but you only need to complete one of them. If a quest requesting cloth shows up before you’re at an adequate Reaping level, it’s okay to just ignore it and do a different quest.

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