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Crops List and Selling Price Guide – Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Putting the harvesting back into the remake

The farming life is meant to be a relaxing one but when you are starting from scratch with little money to work with, stress may naturally kick in if things aren’t going your way. But the only way is up when you are at rock bottom and life for everyone has to begin somewhere. Starting with a 6×9 field to nurture your crops, the route to obtaining bigger and better things begins with the planting of simple seeds and the usage of your trusty gardening tools to upgrade their full potential. With all seeds having their own duration to take space and grow, it may be best to decide relatively early on which you will use as a get rich quick scheme in A Wonderful Life and quick start that process to experience the game title for yourself. This is our guide Crop selling guide for Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

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All Crops in Story of Seasons and Selling Guide

In A Wonderful Life, crops are divided into multiple grades and categories – Standard and Hybrid. Standard are crops that you can get through seeds purchased in the game whilst Hybrid require a more complex process with the two-headed plant, Vinnie. Depending not only on which type of crop you decide to grow, via their Standard seed or bizarre concoction of the Hybrid, each crop is graded via the soil you plant them in and the time of year you plant.

Because the time of year matters on when you decide to plant (just like in real life), this is another factor to pay attention to before you pick the most expensive crop to grow as you are not guaranteed to get the full amount off your supply due to harvesting at the wrong time of the year. Because of this, the Crop List below will not only outline how much you will make off of each crop but also the best season to grow each crop in so be sure to pay attention to this aspect of the List also.

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Standard Crops

CropTime to GrowSeasonB-Grade PriceA-Grade PriceS-Grade Price
Carrot9 DaysAutumn – Winter135g165g195g
Melon7 DaysSummer – Autumn210g240g270g
Potato8 DaysWinter – Spring180g210g240g
Strawberry7 DaysAutumn – Spring105g135g165g
Sweet Potato5 DaysAutumn180g210g240g
Tomato5 DaysSpring – Autumn105g135g165g
Turnip5 DAysSummer – Winter75g105g135g
Watermelon7 DaysSpring – Summer195g225g255g

Hybrid Crops

CropTime to GrowSeasonB-Grade PriceA-Grade PriceS-Grade Price
Berrymelo7-10 DaysWinter – Spring400g445g490g
Berrytoma6-7 DaysSpring – Autumn305g350g395g
BluematoSpring – Autumn405g450g495g
BluetatoWinter – Spring375g420g465g
Camelo6-7 DaysSummer – Autumn355g400g445g
Carberry11-14 DaysSummer – Autumn475g520g565g
Carroturn6-8 DaysWinter – Spring280g325g360g
CarroblueAutumn – Winter355g4400g445g
Carromel7 DaysSpring – Summer445g490g535g
Greetoma7 DaysSpring – Autumn470g515g560g
MeloblueSummer – Autumn450g495g540g
Melomelo7-8 DaysSpring – Summer545g590g635g
Melosweet6-7 DaysSpring – Summer600g645g690g
Melotoma8-9 DaysSpring – Autumn570g615g660g
Poberryto7-9 DaysWinter – Spring405g450g495g
Pocaro7-9 DaysWinter – Summer385g430g475g
Pomato6-7 DaysSpring – Autumn440g485g530g
Potamelon7-8 DaysSummer – Autumn590g635g680g
Pototo5-7 DaysWinter – Summer370g415g460g
Poturnip6-8 DaysWinter – Spring320g365g420g
StrawblueyAutumn – Spring320g365g420g
Strawmelo7 DaysSummer – Autumn465g510g555g
Strawsweet7-10 DaysAutumn – Spring470g515g560g
Swarrot5 DaysSummer – Autumn340g385g430
Sweetmel6 DaysSummer – Autumn525g570g615g
Sweetoma6-7 DaysSpring – Autumn480g525g570g
Sweeturn4-6 DaysWinter – Summer295g340g395g
Tocarro6-7 DaysSpring – Autumn315g360g405g
Turmelon8-9 DaysSummer – Autumn
Turnberry5-7 DaysWinter – Spring180g225g270g
TurnblueSummer – Autumn330g375g420g
Turnmato7 DaysSpring – Autumn355g400g445g
Watato6-7 DaysSpring – Summer355g605g650g
WaterblueSpring – Summer420g465g510g
Waturnip7-8 DaysSpring – Summer460g505g550g

We hope this guide was helpful to look back on every time you are debating with yourself on what is best to both grow and sell to make money faster in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. For more on the latest video game releases, be sure to see all new and upcoming content at our GJ guide section here.

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