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How to Get Clay in Skyblock

How to Get Clay in Skyblock

Clay is an important resource to unlock in Skyblock, the Roblox game inspired by Minecraft. This material can be used to craft many different types of things, including bricks and clay blocks. Claw can be a material in large structures for your island. In this guide, we will show you how to get Clay in Skyblock.

How to Get Clay in Skyblock

If you’re wondering how to get Clay in Skyblock, you probably already ran over to the mining area and couldn’t find any. Well, here’s how you can actually do it.

You will want to first purchase a Clay Totem, which is one of the more expensive items in the game. A Clay Totem costs 10,000 Coins and will make clay nodes pop up around it that you can mine. The Totem collects some clay on its own as well, so that’s an extra bonus.

After buying the totem, place it on the ground. You probably want to buy a few, but make sure to evenly space them out so there’s room for the nodes to spawn.

You can color clay red, yellow, or blue using the Coloring Station. The Coloring Station costs 40 Iron and 50 Wood to create. That’s pretty much all there is to it! That explains how to get Clay in Skyblock, and as an added bonus how to color the clay however you want.

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