How to get Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark
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How to get Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark

This is how to get each Bifrost Key in Lost Ark!
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Everybody knows that Lost Ark has one of the biggest maps. There are vast oceans, foreign continents, and unexplored islands that need to be discovered. Which (as you can probably imagine) can take quite a bit of time simply traveling by ship. 

Luckily, there are numerous ways to travel in Lost Ark, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of which is called Bifrost, which unlocks with Bifrost Keys. 

So, here is everything you need to know about how to get Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark. 

How to get Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark

The only way to progress through Lost Ark is by traveling to each location on the map. Although, not only is venturing out by sea extremely time-consuming, but it’s also rather expensive as well. This is why many simply opt to use the Bifrost feature to travel from place to place instead.

Bifrost is basically an inherent teleport ability that every player has in Lost Ark. It enables you to teleport instantly to various locations on the map that you’ve previously saved as a set point. Although, before you can fast travel to these areas of the map, you will first need to unlock Bifrost Keys. Which gives you access to the Bifrost feature. 

The good news is that the first Bifrost Key will unlock automatically as you progress through Lost Ark. You will then be able to use this Bifrost Key in a Bifrost Slot after you’ve received your Shipping Boat license. Once you’ve acquired the first Bifrost Key, there will only be two others you can find in the game. 

Here’s how to get each of the remaining Bifrost Keys in Lost Ark: 

  1. The second Bitfrost Key you can earn in the game will be handed out to you as a reward after you’ve reached level 60 in Lost Ark. Which simply requires you to level up your character through the Roster Levels until you hit level 60.
  2. The third and final Bifrost Key will be rewarded to you after you’ve turned in nine Ignea Tokens. Which can be obtained after you’ve reached 100% in Adventure Tome progress in the various regions spread out throughout Lost Ark. 

So, there you have it! Those are all the Bifrost Keys available in Lost Ark, and how to obtain each one. 

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